Books for Hispanic Heritage Month (Grades 1-8)

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Books by and about people who identify as Latine, for kids in grades 1-8.

  • Love in English

    2021 by Andreu, Maria E.

    A new immigrant finds herself in an unexpected romantic triangle. Sixteen-year-old Ana, recently transplanted from Argentina to an American high school, finds learning English so hard that she's looking forward to her ESL class so she can speak Spanish for a few minutes. She's devastated to learn she's the only Spanish speaker in the class. However, there is a very cute boy who only speaks Greek! For grade 6 and up.

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  • Efrén Divided

    2020 by Cisneros, Ernesto

    A timely tale about a loving family torn apart by U.S. immigration laws. When his mother is deported after an ICE raid, Efren must care for his siblings while his dad works to make enough money to bring his mother back home.

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  • Stella Diaz Has Something to Say

    2018 by Dominguez, Angela

    This book is largely based on the author's own childhood experiences. I love this story about a girl who is finding her own beautiful, confident voice.

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  • A Handful of Stars

    2015 by Lord, Cynthia

    Lily, 12, a resident of Maine, and Salma Santiago, whose migrant family is in Maine to work the blueberry season, form a bond that is tested when prejudice rears its ugly head. This lovely story helps paint a picture of what it's like to be a migrant worker in the United States.

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  • Juana & Lucas

    2016 by Medina, Juana

    Juana is from Colombia and she loves playing with her dog. She does not love learning English, but the family wants her to learn because they have a special trip planned to an English-speaking country. This is a great chapter book with lots of humor and great illustrations.

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  • Latinitas: Celebrating 40 Big Dreamers

    2021 by Menéndez, Juliet

    This book includes some well-known Latinas like Justice Sotomayor and Frida Kahlo, and there are so many more that most of us have never heard of. Lots of people to inspire you!

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  • Shadowshaper

    2015 by Older, Daniel José

    Puerto Rican folklore infuses this fantasy, in which an aspiring artist finds that the murals all over her Brooklyn neighborhood are weeping real tears. For grade 6 and up.

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  • The First Rule of Punk

    2017 by Pérez, Celia C.

    Not only is this super cool book set in nearby Chicago, but themes of being true to yourself and using your voice to speak out and sing loud make it a really fun and empowering read. Plus, you will learn to make your own zine!

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  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man

    2017 by Reynolds, Jason

    Miles is an Afro-Puerto Rican teen in Brooklyn. Just a regular kid. Or is he? Actually, in addition to the usual problems of adolescence, Miles has one more responsibility. He's a superhero! How do you save the world and still get your math homework done? For grade 6 and up.

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  • Danza! Amalia Hernández and El Ballet Folklórico de México

    2017 by Tonatiuh, Duncan

    A celebration of Amalia Hernández and Mexico's rich dance tradition.

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  • Hear My Voice: The Testimonies of Children Detained at the Southern Border of the United States


    This book offers accounts of how 61 children detained at the border were treated there. Beautifully illustrated by 17 Latinx children's artists, including Yuyi Morales.

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