Time Travel

By Mary Simon

Do you want to escape to another world in a time machine? My time travel guide contains suspense and drama selections for high school teens and adults, all featuring actual time travel (not historical fiction). So hop in your time travel gizmo, be sure to bring your imagination, and away we go! Hang tight because it may be a bumpy ride.

  • Invictus

    2017 by Graudin, Ryan

    Many readers consider this one of the finest examples of time-travel literature. It is certainly popular with teens. Our main character has always wanted to travel through time. After failing an exam administered by a government authority he must work on the black market, going back in time to steal artifacts from the past. While searching on the Titanic, he encounters a mysterious woman who seems to know him. From there, the plot thickens.

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  • Slaughterhouse-Five

    2002 by Vonnegut, Kurt

    One of the true classics in this genre. The story of a WWII POW who in today's world would be described as suffering from PTSD. (When the book was published in 1969, the condition was not known.) The main character travels--willingly and unwillingly--to different times in his life and is especially troubled by the bombings in Dresden, where he served. Well-written with enormous appeal even today.

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  • Future Shock

    2016 by Briggs, Elizabeth

    This is one of my favorite sci-fi time-travel books. A Latina teen with a photographic memory joins four other young Angelenos with special skills on a secret time-travel mission to the future. Although she has an eidetic memory, Elena has little else going for her. She's an intelligent foster-care kid about to turn 18 without job or college prospects. When an executive from the Aether Corporation offers her a spot on a short-term project for a great deal of money, she has no qualms about signing on. Read it to see what happens next.

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  • The Time Traveler's Wife

    2003 by Niffenegger, Audrey

    Niffenegger, who lived in Evanston when she wrote this book, describes what it is like to live with a husband who is able to "disappear" anytime, no matter where he might be, and no matter what he is doing in the present. Funny, sad, whimsical, and amazing.

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  • Gimme a Call

    2010 by Mlynowski, Sarah

    Would you take advice from yourself as you were three years ago? This cute book forces you to recall yourself from several years past to see if you could or would heed your own advice. One of my favorite time-travel stories, with so many "lessons" for today's young adults--especially young women.

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  • Parallel

    2013 by Miller, Lauren

    Imagine an alternative version of yourself that runs right beside your real self! This title turns things upside down in many ways and is fun and thought-provoking at the same time. What I especially like is that the main character had imagined all her life that she would be going to Northwestern University, majoring in journalism, but, as I said, things really get turned inside out and upside down.

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  • Interworld

    2013 by Gaiman, Neil

    Neil Gaiman is truly an amazing person with an imagination that can only be described as wild, wacky, brilliant, and forceful! Interworld follows the story of Joey Harker, who, together with a group of other Joeys from different Earths in other parallel universes, tries to stop the two forces of magic and science from taking over all of their home planets.

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  • Dry

    2018 by Shusterman, Neal

    Neal Shusterman does it again! A sci-fi book that addresses climate change, specifically what would happen if a big business conglomerate were put in charge of the one element we all need to survive--water! You'll learn about medical issues related to dehydration and come to appreciate the commodity too many of us take for granted. And you'll find out what a water zombie is!

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