Traveling through Time

By Dan Suwinski

Time travel has long been a figment of the human imagination. Below is a list of books by authors who have really captivated me with their visions of time travel.

  • Dragonflight

    1968 by Anne McCaffrey

    Some fantasy books can get slowed down by too much worldbuilding, but this book has a great mix of backstory for the reader to draw from while still making their own conclusions. The unique bond between dragons and riders is something you must read to experience.

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  • 11/22/63 : A Novel

    2011 by Stephen King

    Here Stephen King tackles an interesting subject in time travel; altering major events, including the assassination of JFK. One major attraction of reading a Stephen King book is the characters you meet. King effortlessly fleshes out his characters and makes them, not only believable, but seem like people you actually know well by the book's end. While Jake Epping is a stock Stephen King everyman protagonist who has greatness thrust upon him, he is never two dimensional. You really go through the wringer with him in this novel.

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  • The Forever War

    1997 by Joe W Haldeman

    After a colony spacecraft from Earth is mysteriously destroyed, America prepares to engage extraterrestrial life in combat for the first time. William Mandella is one of a small, elite force trained and sent across millions of miles of space to attack an enemy base. The author vividly recreates the tedium, stupidity, terror, and destruction of combat. The soldiers' first encounter turns into a bloody massacre of unarmed aliens, an act which leaves Mandella "horrified at the prospect of living with myself for sixty more years,'' and which sets the stage for the beginning of a war with no end in sight. Side note: This novel is being made into a film.

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  • Time of the Twins

    2004 by Margaret Weis

    In my opinion this is the best novel of the Dragonlance series—a fantasy tale of twin brothers, who could not be more different. Caramon: brave, good, honest and completely devoted to his twin brother. Raistlin: bitter, brilliant, evil on first sight but oddly (and convincingly) compassionate at key moments. They are fascinating characters in an even more fascinating story.

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  • The Man Who Folded Himself

    2003 by David Gerrold

    So many great books out there and then I come across this one that manages to outwardly mobilize all the things that go through our own minds about ourselves, our dreams, our desires, and the agency we have in our own lives. All this in the form of a short time-travel novel. Amazing.

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  • The Chronoliths

    2001 by Robert Charles Wilson

    This is a great book for someone who is looking to dip their feet into the science fiction genre. While there are some sci-fi aspects, main character Scott worries about finding a job, his divorce, his daughter, and a host of other mundane problems, and although the Chronolith's existence affects every aspect of his life, this is simply the story of a man trying to get by.

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  • In the Garden of Iden : A Novel of the Company

    1997 by Kage Baker

    "Looking for a lost plant, an immortal, nearly 1000-year-old botanist returns to the 16th century from the 24th in this lively debut. On her first trip back through time, Mendoza lands in the England of 1554, just after the accession of Mary Tudor, aka Bloody Mary. Her mission: to prevent the extinction of a strain of holly that can be used in the 24th century as a cancer cure."—Publishers Weekly

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  • The Many-Colored Land

    1981 by Julian May

    "This is a spellbinding tale woven of equal parts epic and myth with a liberal dash of hard science fiction. When a one-way time tunnel to Earth's distant past, specifically six million B.C., was discovered by folks on the Galactic Milieu, every misfit for light-years around hurried to pass through it. Each sought his own brand of happiness, but none could have guessed what awaited them."—Provided by Publisher

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