Book Chat with Library Staff, Part Three

By Skokie Staff Adult Services

Along with many Skokie Public Library staff members, Allyson and Becca bring you what they have been reading, listening to, and enjoying recently.

  • The Wedding Date

    2018 by Guillory, Jasmine

    The romance and the food descriptions will make your mouth water. This book was my gateway to romance, and it showed me that romance is fun, sexy, and smart. If you’re kind of ‘meh’ on the genre, give this one a try. If you love it, Guillory has a handful of interconnected books that will keep you swooning. Recommended by Allyson.

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  • South Pole Station: A Novel

    2017 by Shelby, Ashley

    In this book, you’ll get to know a group of quirky characters and a humorous, but also kind of dark tale about a woman who journeys to Antarctica following a family tragedy. Recommended by Allyson.

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  • Mexican Gothic

    2020 by Moreno-Garcia, Silvia

    This book is a feminist retelling of a gothic story. So if you are a fan of Jane Eyre or Rebecca, you are in for a suspenseful treat. It has an isolated mansion; a chilling, charismatic aristocrat; and a brave socialite, all of them drawn to expose their treacherous secrets. Recommended by Becca.

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  • Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family

    2020 by Scobie, Omid

    This book was getting a lot of buzz and even generating headlines. And while the headlines are intriguing, I was really excited to be able to read the book and get the nuance and the context that the clickbait articles tend to leave out. Recommended by Allyson.

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  • The Heir Affair

    2020 by Cocks, Heather

    A sequel to The Royal We, this is an excellent book. It's a lot of fun to read. The writing’s light, with almost a summer feel to it. I believe you’ll thoroughly enjoy this. And even if you’re not a royal watcher, I think it’s engaging enough to hold your attention. Recommended by Cecilia.

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  • Boyfriend Material

    2020 by Hall, Alexis

    Fake or pretend relationships make up one of my all-time favorite tropes. The author does it well in this novel. The supporting cast of friends and coworkers makes for a delightful, light read that is shining with banter, amusement, and—yes—love. Recommended by Amy.

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  • The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper

    2019 by Rubenhold, Hallie

    Jack the Ripper is often glorified in our day and age; and the women he killed, because they have the stigma of being sex workers, have always been kind of vilified. This is an opportunity to hear their stories, their history, and their circumstances. Recommended by Becca.

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  • Beach Read

    2020 by Henry, Emily

    This book is the perfect, quintessential summer read. Or anytime, really. It’s a book for people who love books, and it’s a book for people who love romance. It’s just a fun, engaging, and delightful read. Recommended by Becca.

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  • Gideon the Ninth

    2019 by Muir, Tamsyn

    This book is like four different genres in one. Many things are happening all the time. It’s got necromancy, but then it’s in space. Then there’s a murder mystery, and then there are fight scenes. It’s also incredibly funny, the pacing is fantastic, and if you’re into complicated relationship dynamics, then this is a book for you. Recommended by Perry.

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  • The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek: A Novel

    2019 by Richardson, Kim Michele

    Based on real people and events, this book tells a fantastic story. It has a wonderful, strong female main character, and you root for her throughout the story. If you like historical fiction and stories that keep you wanting to read more, this one is for you. Recommended by Monica.

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  • Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

    2017 by Jaswal, Balli Kaur

    This book touches on female empowerment, friendship, family, and community; as well as heavier topics like immigration, identity, and power dynamics. There’s also a mystery, which I didn’t expect, and it just gets so thrilling that I couldn’t stop turning the pages. When it ended, I wanted to hug this book. I just loved it so much. Recommended by Allyson.

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  • Convenience Store Woman

    2018 by Murata, Sayaka

    It’s a super quirky little book about a person who doesn’t conform, which is always a character that appeals to me. I finished it months ago, but I still think about it often. Recommended by Becca.

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