Wander the USA This Summer

By Mary Simon

What do I miss the most during this COVID-19 summer? Traveling! A true Sagittarius at heart, I long to be driving the coast highway in Maine, biking over mountain ranges, or paddling through marshes and lakes. But I, like so many, comfort myself with great library selections to keep my wanderlust satisfied for now. We have plenty of films and books to help us as armchair travelers and we can savor our grand country through literature and movies. So, I will be writing about various parts of the country that I have visited or long to visit again. First location is Montana.

  • A River Runs through It


    You don't have to be a fly fisherman to appreciate this movie (but it does help). With Robert Redford narrating, we are swept through some of the most gorgeous countryside that Montana has to offer--wilderness, mountain streams, and huge vistas. The story line is compelling: two brothers are in search of their destiny, sons of a strict Montana minister. One is an English professor. The other is a journalist, and, more importantly, a master fly fisherman who has a wild streak as bold as the country surrounding him. Must-see for lovers of Montana.

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  • Legends of the Fall


    Another incredible scenic and spiritual journey for the characters portrayed in this movie. It's the story of three brothers who all fall in love with the same elegant, chic, well-educated woman who at first seems out of her element, but eventually falls in love with the grandeur and majesty of Montana. The boy's father (played by Anthony Hopkins) epitomizes the wild, cantankerous, and powerful West!

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  • The Horse Whisperer


    This star-studded cast and the scenery caught the imagination and admiration of many who have viewed this gem of a movie. We now have many spin-offs of "animal whisperers," but this was the first and best. A traumatized daughter responds to therapy of a truly novel strategy aimed at healing her equally traumatized horse.

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  • Montana Sky


    Based on the Nora Roberts novel, this TV series introduced us to three sisters who inherit a huge spread in Montana--provided they live there together for at least one year. Nora Roberts fans will admire the grit, resilience, and feistiness of the siblings.

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  • Winter Wheat

    1992 by Walker, Mildred

    A classic coming-of-age story of a young woman in the American wheat belt (central Montana) in the 1940s. It is a story about growing up and becoming a woman--mentally, emotionally, spiritually--within a year and a half. The Montana countryside is as much a character as her parents. And Ellen, the protagonist, is portrayed as a believable and complex character who embraces her difficult life with refreshing and inspiring vigor.

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  • Remington & Russell: The Sid Richardson Collection

    1982 by Dippie, Brian W.

    The C. M. Russell Museum in Great Falls, Montana, holds many of Remington and Russell's important works. Both artists have always been associated with scenes of Native/Indigenous Americans and cowboys. The curator's revised introduction places them in the historical and cultural contexts of their time and draws intriguing comparisons between them. This catalog allows us to view the contents at our own pace with no distractions.

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