Build Sandcastles

By Mary Simon

Many beaches and parks with sandlots are open now that it's summer, and who doesn't like being at the beach or park on a beautiful sunny day, building sandcastles? Sandcastle contests take place all over the world, but the one you make at your neighborhood beach is the true winner. Here are selections for all ages that impart how-to basics as well as poems and songs about summer and sandcastles.

  • Sandcastles Made Simple: Step-by-Step Instructions, Tips, and Tricks for Building Sensational Sand Creations

    2005 by Wierenga, Lucinda

    True to its title, you'll find helpful guidelines and tools that can help you achieve "winner" status for your sandcastle.

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  • The Sandcastle That Lola Built

    2018 by Maynor, Megan

    Building a giant sandcastle could be a solo achievement, but what if friends help? Lola discovers that she has a true understanding of delegating chores in order to achieve success. But what happens when the ultimate "tragedy" hits?

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  • Hamlet and the Magnificent Sandcastle

    2001 by Lies, Brian

    Adventure-loving Hamlet builds a sandcastle sure to delight, even though he is not paying attention to the weather and time. His good friend helps teach him the folly of not heeding the environment and surroundings when at the beach. Good lessons for would-be sandcastle builders!

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  • The Sandcastle Girls: A Novel

    2012 by Bohjalian, Chris

    The author's Armenian heritage and culture shine through in this sweeping historical love story. The reader is transported between 1915 in Aleppo, Syria, and 2012 in New York. An utterly horrific account of the massacres and atrocities from the Armenian slaughter in 1915, this book may seem an unlikely addition to the carefree nature of this list. But the redemptive quality of the writing and the story give us hope and courage. Fans of Bohjalian will consider this one of his finest.

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  • Syd Hoff's Danny and the Dinosaur and the Sand Castle Contest

    2018 by Hale, Bruce

    Danny wants to win the sandcastle building competition, but his competitive spirit carries him away. This story shows how much sweeter it is to win if kindness and understanding are incorporated. Sure to please parents and youngsters.

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  • The Sandcastle Empire

    2017 by Olson, Kayla

    Young adult dystopian novel with twists and turns, romance, and intrigue. Fast-paced and imaginative.

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  • The Sandcastle Sister

    2015 by Wingate, Lisa

    Part of the Carolyn Heirloom series, this delightful romance pairs a New York book editor and a best-selling author on a book tour that turns out to be much more than that. Light and refreshing--great beach reading in between building your sandcastles.

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  • Sandcastle Magic

    2012 by Ginalina

    Musical selections for summer fun, with a wide variety of instruments, including kazoo, ukulele, drums, shakers, and more. Soothing and lively selections to play during breaks from your time in the water.

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