Comfort during COVID-19: Helping Others

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Some of our favorite books for parents to share with kids ages 3-6 during troubling times.

  • Charlotte the Scientist Finds a Cure

    2019 by Andros, Camille

    When a mysterious illness strikes the forest creatures, Charlotte goes to work to find the cause. When doctors ignore her data, Charlotte works harder, locates the cause of the illness, and finds a cure.

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  • Wolf in the Snow

    2017 by Cordell, Matthew

    Caught in a blizzard, a little girl finds a lost wolf pup. When she safely returns the pup to its pack, the wolves help her find her family.

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  • Hank Finds an Egg

    2013 by Dudley, Rebecca

    Hank finds an egg that's fallen from a nest high over his head. After several unsuccessful attempts to climb the tree, Hank wraps the egg up and gives it to the mother hummingbird, who carries it up herself. He's rewarded when the egg hatches and three small hummingbirds dance in the air in front of him.

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  • A Hat for Mrs. Goldman: A Story about Knitting and Love

    2016 by Edwards, Michelle

    Sophia notices that her neighbor, Mrs. Goldman, knits hats for everyone in the neighborhood and never thinks of herself. Sophia decides to make Mrs. Goldman the most special hat in the world.

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  • Grow Kind

    2020 by Lasser, Jon

    Kiko grows a beautiful garden, full of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. She decides to share them with her neighborhood, and with a homeless woman she meets.

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  • Otis and the Kittens

    2016 by Long, Loren

    Kind-hearted Otis the Tractor is trapped in a burning barn while rescuing a litter of kittens. As always, perseverance, teamwork, and a heart of gold pay off for Otis and his friends.

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  • Good Neighbor Nicholas

    2006 by Kroll, Virginia L.

    At first, Mr. Robinson, Nicholas’ neighbor, just seems like a grouch, as he yells at Nicholas for kicking his soccer ball into the rose bush. But gradually, Nicholas begins to understand why Mr. Robinson is so unhappy, and works to help.

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  • Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids

    2016 by McCloud, Carol

    The concept of bucket-filling is a great metaphor for encouraging kind and considerate behavior. This 10th-anniversary edition explains that it's also possible to fill or dip into our own buckets.

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  • Rent Party Jazz

    2001 by Miller, William

    When Sonny’s mother loses her job, Sonny fears they won’t be able to pay the rent. Enter Smilin’ Jack, a local musician who knows just how to solve the problem.

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  • The Hugging Tree: A Story about Resilience

    2016 by Neimark, Jill

    Rhyming text tells the story of a little tree clinging tenaciously to a granite cliff, determined to live. The tree is tended by a little boy, and ultimately loved by the people in the community.

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  • The Kindness Book

    2019 by Parr, Todd

    No matter what other people choose to do, you can always choose to be kind—and what a wonderful thing to be.

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  • The Lion & the Mouse

    2009 by Pinkney, Jerry

    In this wordless picture book, a small mouse benefits from the kindness of a lion, and then returns the favor when the lion needs help.

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  • A Ball for Daisy

    2011 by Raschka, Christopher

    Daisy the dog loves her ball more than anything, and can’t wait to play with it in the park. When disaster strikes, Daisy is heartbroken, but not for long! This lovely picture book shows that kindness goes a long way toward healing a broken heart.

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  • Horton Hears a Who!

    1982 by Seuss

    The kind-hearted elephant who can't ignore a cry for help "no matter how small" has been winning our hearts since 1954. Introduce your preschooler to Horton, the elephant with a heart of gold.

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  • A Sick Day for Amos McGee

    2010 by Stead, Philip Christian

    Every day, zookeeper Amos McGee takes the bus to the zoo where he takes good care of the animals. But today is different. Today Amos has to stay home because he is sick. Who will take care of Amos?

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  • The Doghouse

    2008 by Thomas, Jan

    Cow, Pig, Duck, and Mouse are afraid to retrieve their ball when it rolls into the dog's house. When they finally work up the courage to go in, they get a big surprise.

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  • Finding Kindness

    2019 by Underwood, Deborah

    Kindness can be expressed in many ways, and this book shows us some of them, from releasing a ladybug into the air to offering a seat on a crowded train to someone who needs it more than you do.

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  • Bear Feels Scared

    2008 by Wilson, Karma

    While walking in the woods, Bear gets lost. It starts to rain, and Bear is scared. But his friends are there to help him get home and feel safe.

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