Comfort during COVID-19: Fears

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Some of our favorite books for parents to share with kids ages 3-6 during troubling times.

  • The Little Book of Big Fears

    2015 by Arnaldo, Monica

    Meet 16 children who are afraid of all kinds of things, from snakes to lakes—and join them as they learn to conquer their fears.

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  • Off & Away

    2018 by Atkinson, Cale

    Jo fears what lives in the ocean, but when her father is too ill to deliver messages in bottles, she takes over the job. Jo discovers a whole new world of fun and adventure.

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  • I'm Worried

    2019 by Black, Michael Ian

    Potato is worried that something bad will happen. It takes his friend, a sensible little girl, to remind Potato that everything will be okay, and that great things can happen too.

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  • The Rabbit Listened

    2018 by Doerrfeld, Cori

    Taylor is miserable after some birds knock down his beautiful block tower. Different animals suggest ways he might feel better, but it’s the quiet rabbit who comforts Taylor—just by listening.

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  • Here and Now

    2019 by Denos, Julia

    This book begins with the statement, "Right here, right now, you are reading this book." A gentle, calming reminder that everything on earth is connected through each moment.

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  • Quiet

    2018 by DePaola, Tomie

    While observing the busy world around them, two children and their grandfather take a moment to appreciate being quiet and still.

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  • Emily Grace and the What-Ifs: A Story for Children about Nighttime Fears

    2016 by Gehring, Lisa B.

    As soon as Emily Grace gets into bed, her mind starts running with scary “what-ifs,” but then she takes a moment to notice the familiar details of her room, and sees that all is well.

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  • The Crocodile and the Dentist

    2018 by Gomi, Tarō

    The crocodile has a tooth that hurts but is afraid of the dentist. The dentist is also scared—of the crocodile. Will they be able take care of that tooth? Find out in a laugh-out-loud story about overcoming your fears.

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  • Wemberly Worried

    2000 by Henkes, Kevin

    A little mouse named Wemberly worries about everything, from the swings at the playground to her first day of school. But when she gets to school, Wemberly discovers that it’s not as scary as she thought—and maybe even a little bit fun.

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  • Ruby Finds a Worry

    2019 by Percival, Tom

    While enjoying a peaceful garden, Ruby is unexpectedly visited by "a Worry"—a floating ball of yellow scribbles with anxious eyes and a furrowed brow. It seems to grow, until Ruby learns how to deal with it, a secret she will share with readers.

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  • Thunder Cake

    1990 by Polacco, Patricia

    In this beloved picture book, a grandmother has just the right solution to her granddaughter’s fear of thunderstorms, and it’s delicious! Recipe included.

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  • Stay through the Storm

    2019 by Rowland, Joanna

    Sometimes a friend is all you need to help you with your fears. When a storm approaches, friends huddle together until it passes, sipping cocoa, building a fort indoors, and sharing memories.

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  • After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back up Again

    2017 by Santat, Dan

    After falling off the wall, Humpty Dumpty is afraid of climbing up again, but is determined not to let fear stop him from being close to the birds.

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  • Mindful Bea and the Worry Tree

    2019 by Silver, Gail

    Sometimes worries feel like a tree that just keeps getting bigger. Bea’s mother shows her how some simple steps can give us the tools we need to keep worries small, or to chase them away.

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  • You're Safe with Me

    2018 by Chitra Soundar

    Everyone worries sometimes, but the grown-ups in our lives are there to take care of us and keep us safe. When a storm approaches, the baby forest animals are scared. But Mama Elephant gathers them together and assures them that they are safe, the storm will pass, and all is well.

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  • Scaredy Squirrel

    2006 by Watt, Mélanie

    Scaredy Squirrel is so afraid of new things that he won’t leave his tree. One day, a surprise visitor to the tree makes the timid squirrel leap into the unknown. Lo and behold, he discovers things about himself he never knew—and he has fun at the same time!

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  • Sam, the Most Scaredy-Cat Kid in the Whole World

    2017 by Willems, Mo

    Kerry and Sam meet and are so scared of each other that their monsters have to help them face their fears and get to know each other.

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