Comfort during COVID-19: Humor

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Some of our favorite books for parents to share with kids ages 3-6 during troubling times.

  • The Wall in the Middle of the Book

    2018 by Agee, Jon

    A brick wall runs down the middle of this hilarious book. The wall protects the left page from all the dangers on the right page. At least that’s what the small knight on the left side thinks. But we can see both sides, and we know where the real dangers lie.

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  • Miss Nelson Is Missing!

    1977 by Allard, Harry

    The kids in room 207 are the worst-behaved kids in the whole school. When their beloved teacher is replaced by the worst substitute teacher ever, they begin to rethink their behavior, and wish for Miss Nelson’s return.

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  • King Alice

    2018 by Cordell, Matthew

    Stuck inside with nothing to do? Here’s how King Alice and her dad spend their day!

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  • Just Add Glitter

    2018 by DiTerlizzi, Angela

    Bored? Ignored? Feeling down? Just add glitter—and make the whole world sparkle!

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  • Diary of a Worm

    2003 by Cronin, Doreen

    A friendly worm keeps a journal of his days, and what he writes will make you laugh!

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  • The Day the Crayons Quit

    2013 by Daywalt, Drew

    When Duncan gets to school one day, he finds notes from his crayons, who all have serious complaints. Red feels overworked, White feels empty, especially on white paper, and Peach wants her wrapping back. Join the fun as the crayons threaten to go on strike!

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  • Bark, George

    1999 by Feiffer, Jules

    George is a puppy who cannot bark, and his mom cannot understand why. It takes a very smart doctor to solve the problem.

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  • The Hueys in the New Sweater

    2012 by Jeffers, Oliver

    Hueys are little blob-like creatures who all look and act exactly the same. When Rupert, a free-thinking Huey, decides to change his sweater, the Hueys do not know what to do. How could Rupert dare to be different? And what should they do about it?

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  • Stuck

    2011 by Jeffers, Oliver

    Oh, no! Floyd’s kite is stuck in a tree! How will he ever get it down? Never fear. Floyd has a plan.

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  • Froggy Gets Dressed

    1992 by London, Jonathan

    Frogs hibernate all winter long—but not Froggy. He is determined to get up and play in the snow. But each time he goes outside, he has to return home because he’s forgotten a major item of clothing. Join Froggy on the silliest outing ever!

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  • Cock-a-doodle-moo!

    1996 by Most, Bernard

    Oh, dear! The rooster has lost his voice! Who’s going to wake up the farm? Laugh out loud as the cow tries to help—with mixed results.

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  • Those Darn Squirrels!

    2008 by Rubin, Adam

    Old Man Fookwire shakes his fists at the neighborhood squirrels when they try to eat the food he puts out for his beloved birds. But he’s no match for those clever, bushy-tailed rodents.

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  • Interrupting Chicken and the Elephant of Surprise

    2018 by Stein, David Ezra

    Chicken returns from school excited to read with her father. Why? Because her teacher, Mrs. Gizzard, has told her that every good story has an "elephant of surprise." Her father thinks that perhaps Chicken means “element” of surprise. But does she?

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  • Don't Feed the Coos!

    2020 by Stutzman, Jonathan

    A generous child learns the hard way that if you feed one pigeon, many more magically appear.

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  • Up on Bob

    2020 by Sullivan, Mary

    Bob the dog works hard to get everything just right on his human’s bed so that he can take a cozy nap. Then the cat spoils everything.

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  • Fly!

    2019 by Teague, Mark

    In this laugh-out-loud wordless picture book, Mama bird wants Baby bird to learn to fly so he can migrate with the rest of the flock. Baby bird, however, has other ideas.

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  • Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

    2003 by Willems, Mo

    A bus driver is going on a break and asks readers to not let the pigeon drive his bus. As soon as he leaves, we meet that pesky pigeon, who will do anything to convince us it’s okay. Will he drive the bus? It’s up to us.

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  • That Is Not a Good Idea!

    2013 by Willems, Mo

    A hungry fox invites a sweet duck to go on a walk. When she accepts, we all know that she is making a terrible mistake. But the duck keeps agreeing to the fox’s increasingly dangerous invitations, despite warnings from six little chicks—and us.

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  • Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Library

    2016 by Gassman, Julie

    There are so many good reasons to not bring your dragon to the library—which makes for a very funny story and illustrations. There are many other places you shouldn't bring your dragon, so if you like this book, you'll love the others in this series.

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