Summer 2020 Books about Reading for Grades 6-8

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Enjoy these books about words, reading, libraries and more. Then find lots of great reading activity ideas in the Summer Reading 2020 Idea Book.

  • Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy: Little Women

    2019 by Terciero, Rey

    This graphic novel retelling centers a beloved classic in modern day. These unique sisters and their very real and relatable issues will have you smiling all the way through. Recommended by Caitlin

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  • Inkheart: Inkheart Trilogy, Book 1

    2011 by Funke, Cornelia

    Magical books! Dangerous reading! Fantastic journeys! Adventure! This exciting book has it all. Recommended by Karen

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  • Home of the Brave

    2007 by Applegate, Katherine

    A wonderful book, written in free verse, about a boy who had to leave his home and found a new one in America. Recommended by Karen

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  • The Reader

    2016 by Chee, Traci

    Sefia's murdered father left behind a mysterious rectangular object: a book. It might just be the clue she needs to save her missing aunt in this compelling fantasy. Recommended by Mandy

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  • The Forgotten Book

    2018 by Glaser, Mechthild

    Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down. If you like a good mystery, fast-paced fantasy, and a touch of whimsy, read this book. Recommended by Lorrie

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  • Cinder: Lunar Chronicles Series, Book 1

    2012 by Meyer, Marissa

    I adore this cyberpunk retelling of Grimm's fairy tales, beginning with a cyborg Cinderella! If you like fast paced adventure, fairy tales, and space wars (and who wouldn't?), you will LOVE this whole series. Recommended by Caitlin

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  • Bookish Boyfriends

    2018 by Schmidt, Tiffany

    Romance fans, this is your summer read! Tiffany thinks boys are much better in books. She's in for the shock of her life. Recommended by Mary

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  • The Book Jumper

    2017 by Gläser, Mechthild

    Amy has the power to leap into the story of any book she reads. What could be more fun, or terrifying? Recommended by Mary

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  • Words on Fire

    2019 by Nielsen, Jennifer A.

    Books can change the world. I love this thrilling adventure about a 12-year-old girl who risks her life to smuggle books out of war-torn and occupied Lithuania. Recommended by Mary

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  • Okay for Now

    2011 by Schmidt, Gary D.

    If you read The Wednesday Wars, you'll recognize the main character of this book, Doug Swietek. His problems abound: an abusive dad, a big brother away at war, and a big secret he's afraid to reveal. But there is art, there are books, and there are people to help. I love this story about a kid who finds what he needs outside his family and moves beyond his pain. Recommended by Mary

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  • Booked: The Crossover Series, Book 2

    2016 by Alexander, Kwame

    Written in verse, this wonderful book covers many middle school topics: soccer, bullying, friendships, and reading. And it's a fast read. Recommended by Gudrun

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  • Suggested Reading

    2019 by Connis, Dave

    If you're concerned about censorship, and we all should be, you'll love this book about a voracious reader who finds that certain books have suddenly been banned from her school shelves. Recommended by Mary

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  • The Librarian of Auschwitz

    2017 by Iturbe, Antonio

    I love stories about incredible courage. This one is based on the true story of a young Jewish teen who hides books from the Nazis while imprisoned at Auschwitz during Hitler's reign of terror. Recommended by Mary

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