Summer 2020: Books about Making Things for Grades 3-5

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

In addition to these books, find lots of great creative activity ideas in the Summer Reading 2020 Idea Book.

  • Hidden Figures Young Readers' Edition

    2016 by Shetterly, Margot Lee

    A powerful true story about four African-American female mathematicians at NASA who helped achieve some of the greatest moments in the space program. Recommended by Karen

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  • My First Crochet Book: 35 Fun and Easy Crochet Projects for Children Aged 7 Years +

    2015 by Books, CICO.

    Learning a new skill this summer. With helpful text and illustrations, and a range of project ideas, this book is the first step. Recommended by Caitlin

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  • Weird Little Robots

    2019 by Crimi, Carolyn

    I really like robots, so I expected to enjoy this book, but it's so much more than just beeps and boops! It's also a great story about friendship, magic, and the importance of being yourself. And robots. Recommended by Caitlin

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  • Spin the Golden Light Bulb

    2018 by Yeager, Jackie

    A futuristic, fun story about 11-year-old Kia, who just has to be accepted into Inventor's School. But first? A test! Bring it Kia! Recommended by Mary

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  • Frank Einstein And The Antimatter Motor

    2014 by Scieszka, Jon

    Think you're not "into" science and inventions? This book could change your mind. Based on real science, this graphic novel hybrid is funny, has great illustrations, and features Frank's lovable, quirky robot assistants Klink and Klank. Recommended by Laura

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  • Inkling

    2018 by Oppel, Kenneth

    I never expected to care about a glob of ink, but that's exactly what this book made me do. Inkling emerges from Ethan's dad's sketch book, and soon he is an integral part of the family. He may be the most unique character I've ever read about. Recommended by Caitlin

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  • George's Marvelous Medicine

    2007 by Dahl, Roald

    George's grandma is a terror, so there is only one thing to do: make her some medicine. Though it is never a good idea to feed strange potions to people, this book will appeal to everyone who has ever dabbled in the apothic arts (to this day I remember the shaving cream concoctions I made as a child). Recommended by Caitlin

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  • Billy Sure, Kid Entrepreneur and the Haywire Hovercraft

    2016 by Sharpe, Luke

    Looking for a laugh? Billy attempts to build a hovercraft, with mixed results! Recommended by Mary

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  • The Cardboard Kingdom

    2018 by Sell, Chad

    Neighborhood kids create a kingdom out of cardboard boxes. A kingdom where you can be whomever you want to be. I am a huge fan of big imaginations and limitless cardboard. Recommended by Caitlin

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  • The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place

    2004 by Konigsburg, E. L.

    Here's a great story that will keep you wondering until the end. Margaret's uncles are taking care of her over the summer, and they've constructed two beautiful towers in their yard. The neighbors think they're eyesores. Margaret thinks they're art. What do you think? Recommended by Mary

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  • The House That Lou Built

    2018 by Respicio, Mae

    Have you ever wished for a house of your own? A place where you could get away from everything and everyone? Join Lou as she builds one! Recommended by Mary

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  • Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects : Build, Invent, Create, Discover

    2016 by Challoner, Jack

    This book is full of project ideas for scientists and creators alike. From simple concepts like building a paper airplane, to building a cardboard rocket car, most ideas can be created with items found around the house. Recommended by Caitlin

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