Summer 2020: Books about Sharing and Caring for Grades 6-8

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Read one of these books, then find great ideas for giving back in the Summer Reading 2020 Idea Book.

  • My Jasper June

    2019 by Snyder, Laurel

    This book emphasizes the importance of friendship, and what it means for friends to take care of each another. Recommended by Karen

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  • Hoot

    2002 by Hiaasen, Carl

    There is so much to this book: mystery, bullying, greed, and trying to save the environment. Really good! Recommended by Karen

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  • Freak the Mighty: Max the Mighty Series, Book 1

    2013 by Philbrick, Rodman

    I love the friendship between two people you would never imagine could have anything in common. Recommended by Karen

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  • The Fault in Our Stars

    2012 by Green, John

    If you don't have a box of tissues next to you, don't read this book! It was so well written and the characters were so real, I couldn't put it down. Recommended by Karen

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  • Amina's Voice

    2017 by Khan, Hena

    I loved this inspirational story about navigating the challenges of friendship, family, and culture in middle school. Amina is one of those characters who feels like a friend by the novel's end. Recommended by Laura

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  • Harbor Me

    2018 by Woodson, Jacqueline

    What would happen if you were put in a classroom with no teacher and only one instruction: talk to each other? That's the idea behind this fascinating story of six students who learn how much they have in common. Recommended by Mary

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  • We Are All Made of Molecules

    2015 by Nielsen, Susin

    Ah, the joys of a blended family! You'll love this hilarious and moving story of an "A-Lister" girl forced to live with a socially awkward boy when their parents marry. Recommended by Mary

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  • Guitar Notes

    2012 by Amato, Mary

    If you're a romance fan, you'll love this quirky story of two high school musicians who have to share the same practice room, much to their dismay. Recommended by Mary

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  • When You Trap a Tiger

    2020 by Keller, Tae

    Lily and her family move in with her grandmother, and almost immediately a tiger straight out of a Korean fairy tale appears. I love this story of family secrets and the importance of sharing stories. Recommended by Caitlin

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  • Birdie and Me

    2020 by Nuanez, J. M. M.

    A heart-wrenching story about loss, fear, and the love shared between two siblings. You will love protective Jack and her sweet brother Birdie. Recommended by Caitlin

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  • The Summer of Broken Things

    2018 by Haddix, Margaret Peterson

    I love stories about unlikely friendships, and this is a favorite. Avery, from the right crowd, is forced to go on a trip to Spain with Kayla, absolutely from the wrong crowd. Together they make an incredible discovery. Recommended by Mary

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  • Goodbye Stranger

    2015 by Stead, Rebecca

    Friendships are wonderful, and sometimes hard. You'll love this story about three best friends who swear never to fight, until seventh grade seems to change everything. Recommended by Mary

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