Summer 2020: Books about Sharing and Caring for Preschoolers

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

In addition to reading these books, you can find great ideas for giving back in the Summer Reading 2020 Idea Book.

  • The Cool Bean

    2019 by John, Jory

    This charming story teaches us that kindness can be cool. Recommended by Karen

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  • The Little Red Stroller

    2019 by Furst, Joshua

    You never know what good will come from giving your favorite something away! Recommended by Holly

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  • It Came in the Mail

    2016 by Clanton, Ben

    Getting mail often feels like a gift (especially when it is a dragon), but there is such a thing as too much mail. What will Liam do with everything he receives? The illustrations and handwritten letters make this fanciful story feel as though it could happen! Recommended by Holly

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  • Around Our Way on Neighbors' Day

    2015 by Brown, Tameka Fryer

    Neighbors are the best! See how much fun you can have right on your own block. Recommended by Mary

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  • The Kindness Book

    2019 by Parr, Todd

    Bright and colorful, this story celebrates how we all have the power to be kind. Recommended by Laura

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  • I Am Human: A Book of Empathy

    2018 by Verde, Susan

    I love the sweet, simple pictures and words in this lovely book about what it means to be here, on this earth, together. Recommended by Caitlin

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  • Together We Can!

    2019 by Hart, Caryl

    You'll love this book showing us that friends come in all different sizes, shapes, ages, colors, even species. Recommended by Mary

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  • Thank You, Omu!

    2018 by Mora, Oge

    This beautiful book, celebrating kindness, food, and community, shows us that when we are sharing with friends and neighbors there's always enough. Recommended by Holly

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  • Everybody's Welcome

    2018 by Hegarty, Patricia

    I love the statement here--- when one person is displaced, everyone works together until there's a home big enough for everyone. Recommended by Caitlin

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  • In a Jar

    2020 by Marcero, Deborah

    The illustrations in this book are beautiful, and the sentiment of two friends sharing their collections of lovely things is wonderful. Recommended by Meleesa

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  • A Sick Day for Amos McGee

    2010 by Stead, Philip Christian

    I love this sweet story about friends taking care of each other. Recommended by Karen

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  • Allie All Along

    2018 by Reul, Sarah Lynne

    The book shows a sibling relationship at its best as a big brother shares in his little sister's BIG feelings. Recommended by Katie

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