Summer 2020: Books Featuring Journeys and Travels for Preschoolers

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

In addition to reading these books, you can find great ideas for "wandering" in the Summer Reading 2020 Idea Book.

  • The Hike

    2019 by Farrell, Alison

    It's easy to find adventure and excitement in your own neighborhood. Go out on a hike! Recommended by Gudrun

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  • Fly Flies

    2019 by Hanaor, Ziggy

    In this sweet story, a little fly gets a lot of advice on the best way to buzz, but learns that the truest path for her is not always the straightest. Recommended by Caitlin

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  • Outside My Window

    2018 by Ashman, Linda

    We've all been spending lots of time inside these last few months. Have you ever wondered what the world outside looks like for children in other parts of the world? What do they see? Recommended by Gudrun

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  • Here and Now

    2019 by Denos, Julia

    This is a very sweet book about mindfulness and meditation. Thoughtful words and peaceful pictures provide gentle guidance to help the reader recognize that many things are happening in every moment. Recommended by Lorrie

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  • Along the River

    2017 by Starkoff, Vanina

    Many different kinds boats travelon this river. I love how this picture book from Brazil is almost like a look-and-find book with all the details you can discover. Recommended by Lorrie

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  • Over in the Meadow

    2011 by McDonald, Jill

    A fun take on an old counting rhyme--the accompanying music by Susan Reed is one of my favorite renditions of the song. Recommended by Katie

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  • Beaver Is Lost

    2010 by Cooper, Elisha

    A beautiful, easy to follow, almost wordless picture book about a beaver that gets separated from his family, wanders through Chicago and, in the end, finds his way back home. Recommended by Gudrun

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  • The Story of Ferdinand

    1977 by Leaf, Munro

    I've always loved Ferdinand, who is nothing like everyone expects him to be. He just loves sitting by the tree, smelling the flowers. Recommended by Gudrun

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  • A Bear Called Paddington

    2005 by Bond, Michael

    A bear has traveled from Peru all the way to London and finds himself a part of a new family. Recommended by Karen

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  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt

    1989 by Rosen, Michael

    This classic is one of my favorites. Read it, then turn it into a game. Can't go over it. Can't go under it. Play anywhere! Recommended by Caitlin

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  • If You Want to See a Whale

    2013 by Fogliano, Julie

    I love this beautiful book that encourages readers to slow down and look, wait, wonder, and tune in to the world around us. Recommended by Caitlin

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  • Please Take Me for a Walk

    2010 by Gal, Susan

    There are many good reasons to take a walk. What are you waiting for? Recommended by Mary

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  • In the Town All Year 'Round

    2008 by Berner, Rotraut Susanne

    The best part of this book is discovering many little details about the characters every time you look at it. It's better than regular look-and-find books. Recommended by Gudrun

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