Summer 2020: Books Featuring Games and Sports for Grades 6-8

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Read one of these books, then find great ideas for play activities in the Summer Reading 2020 Idea Book.

  • Pippa Park Raises Her Game

    2020 by Yun, Erin

    After gaining entrance to an elite private school, basketball star Pippa Park stretches the truth about her eclectic home life. A loose modern retelling of Great Expectations, this authentically layered novel is charming and heartwarming. Recommended by Christine

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  • The Eye of Minds: The Mortality Doctrine Series, Book 1

    2013 by Dashner, James

    If you've got to read a book this summer and you're not into reading, read this one! You won't be able to put it down! Michael is a skilled gamer who is called upon to use his skills to save lives. Recommended by Mary

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  • Dairy Queen

    2007 by Murdock, Catherine Gilbert

    Romance, football style! What happens when a girl who's great at football meets a quarterback who needs help with his game? Recommended by Mary

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  • Gutless

    2016 by Deuker, Carl

    What if you had a choice between being a football star and staying true to a friend? Which would you choose? Recommended by Mary

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  • Pop

    2012 by Korman, Gordon

    I love Gordon Korman's books because they're funny and fast-paced. In this one, new kid Marcus makes friends with a retired professional linebacker who helps with his game, and also embarrasses him to no end! Recommended by Mary

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  • Genius--The Game: Genius Series, Book 1

    2016 by Gout, Leopoldo

    If you're into gaming and coding - and competition - this one is for you! It's full of excitement, intrigue, and a quick read. Recommended by Karen

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  • Becoming Kareem: Growing Up on and off the Court

    2017 by Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem

    I liked this autobiography of a basketball superstar and the activist he later became. Recommended by Karen

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  • Undefeated--Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team

    2017 by Sheinkin, Steve

    A fascinating coming together of football and Native American history. Recommended by Karen

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  • The Crossover: The Crossover Series, Book 1

    2014 by Alexander, Kwame

    This Newbery Medal winner, first in a series, is not your average sports book. The author uses verse to convey the electricity of an exciting basketball game and the powerful emotions of twin brothers. Recommended by Laura

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  • The Walk On: The Triple Threat Series, Book 1

    2014 by Feinstein, John

    Another first of a series that, aside from football, is filled with drama and intrigue. A real page-turner! Recommended by Karen

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  • Ghost

    2016 by Reynolds, Jason

    The first of a wonderful four-part series in which the characters transform their lives by joining a track team. Recommended by Karen

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  • Grandmaster

    2014 by Klass, David

    I love this story about a kid who discovers that his father is not exactly who he thought. Daniel is only a freshman, but he's asked to participate in an elite chess tournament with his dad. Turns out his dad knows a thing or two about the game. Recommended by Mary

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