Hot Summer Reads 2020

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Attention junior high students. From hundreds of new books, we've chosen 10 we know you will love. Sci-fi, horror, fantasy, romance–they're all here.

  • Allies

    2019 by Gratz, Alan

    D-Day was a single day in 1944 that changed history. Four teens tell us what it was like to be in the thick of the bloodiest, deadliest invasion of World War II.

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  • The Best at It

    2019 by Pancholy, Maulik

    Rahul is desperate to prove that he is good–really good–at something, anything! But how do you find out what you’re good at when you have no idea where to start looking?

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  • Somewhere Only We Know

    2019 by Goo, Maurene

    She’s an ambitious and famous K-Pop star, tightly controlled by her handlers. He’s just a regular teen with no clue what his future holds. When they meet, nothing will ever be the same.

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  • No Fixed Address

    2018 by Nielsen, Susin

    Felix and his mother are hiding their homelessness from everyone, but the lies they have to tell are taking a toll on Felix.

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  • Verify

    2019 by Charbonneau, Joelle

    The Chicago of the future is beautiful, gleaming, and perfect, and Meri loves her city. Then a stranger hands her a piece of scrap paper with a single word written on it. Suddenly things don’t seem so perfect anymore.

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  • Hotel Dare

    2019 by Blas, Terry

    Olive and her siblings are spending the summer helping their grandmother fix up her run-down hotel. They're so bored! Then they start to discover what’s behind all those locked doors. Not so boring after all!

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  • What You Hide

    2019 by Richards, Natalie D.

    Spencer is doing community service at the public library. Mallory is a runaway, with no other place to go. A mysterious death in the library, followed by strange noises and frightening messages, forces them to team up to find out what it all means.

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  • The Forgotten Girl

    2019 by Brown, India Hill

    Iris and her friend Daniel sneak out one night to play in new-fallen snow, a rare event in North Carolina. In the darkness, they stumble upon the long-forgotten headstone of a girl whose loneliness reaches beyond the grave.

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  • The Babysitters Coven

    2019 by Williams, Kate M.

    All Esme wants to be is a normal teen babysitter. She just wishes she could stop moving objects with her mind!

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  • Stepsister

    2019 by Donnelly, Jennifer

    Did Cinderella really live happily ever after? And what happened to her stepsisters? Find out in a gripping, suspenseful take on the old story–not the fairy-tale kind–refashioned for real people like you.

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