Wander the World with Travelogues, Part 2

By Cecilia Cygnar

From the comfort of your home, these books will take you all over the globe.

  • In a Sunburned Country

    2000 by Bryson, Bill

    Known for his comic travelogues through the United Kingdom and the United States, Bryson branches out here, going "Down Under." One of my favorite writers, he takes his trademark wit and affable approachability along for the ride.

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  • Jerusalem, Drawn and Quartered: One Woman's Year in the Heart of the Christian, Muslim, Armenian, and Jewish Quarters of Old Jerusalem

    2018 by Tuttle-Singer, Sarah

    After being attacked in 1999, the author, tired of being afraid, takes her journalistic skills into the Old City of Jerusalem. She starts experiencing the world around her among all people–Christian, Muslim, Armenian. She once again becomes a citizen of one of the most famed and conflicted cities in the world.

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  • Eating Viet Nam: Dispatches from a Blue Plastic Table

    2015 by Holliday, Graham

    The author could have just traveled to Vietnam like thousands of people do each year. But, he wanted to do something different. So, he moved there and became a local in every way– especially when it came to the cuisine. Lots of fun, with tons of humor and vivid experiences.

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  • Uganda Be Kidding Me

    2014 by Handler, Chelsea

    One of the boldest female comedians of recent times takes on Africa. While on safari, she tackles everything from wildlife to traveling in the heat to common questions about Africa. Lots of fun to read and perfect for the summer season!

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  • Jaywalking with the Irish

    2012 by Lonely Planet

    A humorous and candid look at what it's like to relocate to Ireland. Many with Irish roots have thought about examining their heritage. Few go as far as Monagan, who moves his family to Ireland to learn more about their ancestral culture.

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  • Notes from a Small Island

    2015 by Bryson, Bill

    One of my all-time favorite books, this is a highly comic look at Great Britain: its people, its customs, and its idiosyncrasies. His laid-back style and almost sinister wit (at times) propelled me to read everything he's written. Whether you are an Anglophile or not, I think you will get a kick out of at least some of this.

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  • All Roads Lead to Austen: A Year-Long Journey with Jane

    2012 by Smith, Amy Elizabeth

    After discovering Austen, the author takes all of her books (in Spanish) and heads to Central and South America, forming book clubs along the way. She meets people from all walks of life and introduces them to Austen's works. A sweet, fun read and an interesting take on making friends and sharing a love of great books.

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  • Paris Letters

    2014 by MacLeod, Janice

    After getting burned out from her job, Janice moves to Europe. Her first stop is Paris, and after she meets Christophe there, everything changes for the better. Anyone who has ever wanted to drop everything to explore the world should read this.

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  • The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World's Most Glorious--and Perplexing--City

    2009 by Lebovitz, David

    What is the right etiquette in cafes? Why is cheese so very important to the French? Are shopkeepers really rude or are they just French? As the author examines all of these questions (and many more), you find out why he fell in love with this city, and you just might, too!

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  • Four Seasons in Rome: On Twins, Insomnia, and the Biggest Funeral in the History of the World

    2007 by Doerr, Anthony

    Shortly after the birth of twins, Doerr learns he won a writing fellowship that includes a year living in Rome. Young family in tow, they move to the Eternal City after scant Italian lessons and lots and lots of diapers! Doerr, known best for his novel All the Light We Cannot See, writes of his experiences with humor and exasperation.

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  • Every Day in Tuscany: Seasons of an Italian Life

    2010 by Mayes, Frances

    In a sequel to her classic Under the Tuscan Sun and its follow-up, Bella Tuscany, Mayes regales her readers with the reasons she fell so much in love with the Tuscan region and its people that she decided to call it home. She fills the pages with the scents, rays of sunshine, and images that this famed region in Italy holds.

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  • We'll Always Have Paris: A Mother/Daughter Memoir

    2014 by Coburn, Jennifer

    Afraid she is losing precious time, Coburn whisks her daughter away to live out some experiences of their lifetimes. As they make their way through Europe, what starts off as a sweet, sentimental quest becomes a philosophical journey that neither of them will ever forget.

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