Summer Fun for Grades 3-5

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Our Youth Services team have put together some of their warm weather favorites.

  • The Puzzling World of Winston Breen

    2009 by Berlin, Eric

    Can you solve the puzzles in this book? You'll also find suspense, adventure and villains too! Recommended by Karen T.

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  • Phoebe and Her Unicorn

    2014 by Simpson, Dana

    Join Phoebe and her magical friend Marigold Heavenly Nostrils on their (hilarious) adventures! Recommended by Caitlin S.

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  • Masterpiece: Masterpiece Adventure Series, Book 1

    2010 by Broach, Elise

    A human family and a beetle family share the same apartment but keep apart until one creative beetle steps out of line. Fun, full of drawings, with a touch of mystery. Recommended by Karen T.

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  • Stand Up, Yumi Chung!

    2020 by Kim, Jessica

    Funny and sad, and features a stand-up comedy camp run by a YouTube star! Recommended by Meleesa S.

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  • The Girl Who Speaks Bear

    2020 by Anderson, Sophie

    I know there's snow (so not so summery), but the main character wakes up one day with bear legs. I mean, c'mon! It's a great story. Recommended by Meleesa S.

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  • One Crazy Summer: One Crazy Summer Series, Book 1

    2010 by Williams-Garcia, Rita

    Delphine and her two sisters travel to Oakland, California in the summer of 1968 to meet their mother who abandoned them. Recommended by Katie F.

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  • Summer According to Humphrey

    2010 by Birney, Betty G.

    How does a classroom hamster spend the summer? At camp, of course! Humphrey and Og the Frog are back for a lot of new adventures as they experience their first summer vacation. Recommended by Mandy O.

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  • Fort

    2015 by DeFelice, Cynthia C.

    Eleven-year-old Wyatt and Augie are having the best summer of their lives hanging out in the fort they built in the woods, but when bullies come along and threaten their fun, the boys take action in this inspirational summer story. Recommended by Mandy O.

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  • Rat Rule 79: An Adventure

    2019 by Galchen, Rivka

    This strange and fascinating world is filled with word play, interesting animals, and surprising situations. The funny chapter titles encouraged me to pick this book up, and its delightful story made me not want to put it back down! Recommended by Lorrie H.

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  • My Life as A Book

    2010 by Tashjian, Janet

    Derek spends summer vacation learning important lessons even though he does not complete his summer reading list. This is a fun yet serious book cleverly illustrated by Janet Tashjian's son Jake. Recommended by Mandy O.

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  • A Long Way From Chicago: Grandma Dowdel Series, Book 1

    2000 by Peck, Richard

    This great Illinois-based historical fiction and Newbery Honor book was written by one of my favorite authors. A boy recounts his annual summer trips to rural Illinois with his sister during the Great Depression to visit their larger-than-life grandmother. Recommended by Dave N.

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  • Lexie

    2011 by Couloumbis, Audrey

    A great book for kids who are having to deal with change, particularly divorce. When Lexie's dad invites her to spend a week with him at their family's beach house, she is dismayed to find he has brought his new girlfriend. At first, this makes Lexie sad, but gradually a new normal emerges. Recommend by Mary M.

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  • Moo: A Novel

    2016 by Creech, Sharon

    Follows the efforts of twelve-year-old Reena, who has recently moved to rural Maine, to adjust to a new environment while unexpectedly bonding with an ornery cow. Recommended by Susan T.

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  • The Lemonade War: Lemonade War Series, Book 1

    2009 by Davies, Jacqueline

    When you hear "lemonade," you can't help but think of summer. Recommended by Karen T.

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