Summer Fun for Preschoolers

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Our Youth Services staff gathered some of their warm weather favorites.

  • Who Wet My Pants?

    2019 by Shea, Bob

    Accidents can happen and good friends can help! I love this funny story. Recommended by Meleesa S.

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  • A Butterfly Is Patient

    2013 by Aston, Dianna Hutts

    Butterflies are patient...and stunning! Recommended by Laura P.

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  • All You Need for a Beach

    2011 by Schertle, Alice

    By the author of All You Need for a Snowman, this is a wonderful, rhyming read-aloud about all things beachy. Recommended by Laura P.

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  • I See Summer

    2012 by Ghigna, Charles

    Brightly illustrated, with few words, this book for the littlest ones captures everything summer. Recommended by Gudrun P.

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  • Up on Bob

    2020 by Sullivan, Mary

    Bob works hard and sleeps hard, but sometimes sleep isn't easy to achieve. It's adorable! Recommended by Karen T.

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  • The Camping Trip

    2017 by Nordqvist, Sven

    I love this series. After finding a packed tent, Findus and Pettson decide to go on a relaxing camping trip. It turns out to be anything but relaxing. Recommended by Gudrun P.

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  • Jabari Jumps

    2017 by Cornwall, Gaia

    Jabari is a great swimmer and jumper, so he must be ready to jump off the diving board, right? With his Dad by his side, Jabari learns that he has what it takes to make the jump. Recommended by Katie F.

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  • Ice Cream & Dinosaurs

    2016 by Litwin, Eric

    What's better than a catchy song, dinosaurs, and ice cream? Sharing, of course! Recommended by Caitlin S.

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  • Day at the Beach

    2018 by Booth, Tom

    Two siblings learn the importance of working together when building a sandcastle. Recommended by Christine G.

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  • Summer Color!

    2018 by Murray, Diana

    A celebration of outdoor fun, with jolly rhyming verse and adorable colorful illustrations by Zoe Persico. This book encourages kids to explore and make their own backyard summer adventures, even when nature disagrees. Recommended by Mandy O.

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  • Gorilla Loves Vanilla

    2016 by Strathie, Chae

    A troupe of animals from a mouse to a giant hippo order wild and wacky ice cream flavors at Sam's Sundaes on Jelly Bean Street. Delicious illustrations in this fun read-aloud. Recommended by Laura P.

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  • The Sun Shines Everywhere

    2019 by Hoberman, Mary Ann

    Joyful rhyming text coupled with vibrant illustrations remind us that everything in nature, including children all around the world, need and enjoy the sun. Recommended by Laura P.

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  • This Day in June

    2014 by Pitman, Gayle E.

    Rhyming text describes the joy of a Pride Parade and all its participants. The artwork is colorful and celebratory. "All invited. All excited." Recommended by Mary M.

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  • Over and Under the Pond

    2017 by Messner, Kate

    A boy and his mom take a quiet rowboat ride on a smooth pond. The boy asks, "What's down there?" and together they explore all the animals that call the pond home. Turns out, a quiet pond is a pretty lively place! Recommended by Mary M.

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  • The Hike

    2019 by Farrell, Alison

    Adventure awaits in your very own backyard. Recommended by Gudrun P.

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