UK TV Series on Hoopla

By Cecilia Cygnar

Feeling a bit Brit? Try out Hoopla and binge watch some good TV series in the comfort of our own home!

  • Call the Midwife: Season 1


    One of the best shows still on air! Set in the 1960s in London's East End (before the gentrification of recent years). The area is poor and filled with misery. One bright spot are the midwives and what they do--bring life into the world.

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  • Doc Martin: Season 1


    Another currently running series. Be warned: people either love or loathe Doc Martin (not the show but the character). He's brash, brisk, cold, and always brutally honest. But I find him highly entertaining and many others do too!

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  • Foyle's War: Season 1


    Set during and after WWII on the Southern coast of England, Christopher Foyle, is a police investigator who deals with a lot of military intrigue, mostly because of his town's strategic position on the English Channel.

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  • George Gently: Season 1


    A mod, groovy series set in the 1960s in Northern England, where two police detectives, one highly experienced and one newly-minted, set about solving crime and coping with changing times.

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  • The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Season 1


    The antidote to the male buddy series. Inspector Lynley joins forces with Barbara Havers, who might have less experience than Lynley but she brings her own breed of cleverness and earnestness to the job.

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  • Inspector Lewis: Season 1


    As a continuation of the much-beloved Inspector Morse series, former sergeant Lewis becomes an inspector and, along with a Cambridge-educated sergeant, goes about solving crimes.

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  • Line of Duty: Season 1


    One of the most acclaimed shows from across the pond, this one focuses on the Anti-Corruption unit of Scotland Yard, which investigates police corruption.

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  • Agatha Christie Marple: Season 1


    Miss Marple is always at the wrong place at the wrong time--or more like the right time for her! When you're an amateur sleuth as experienced as she is, you develop a knack for knowing where to be and what to look for.

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  • No Offence - Season 1


    A group of dysfunctional police detectives go about solving crime in Manchester, England. DC Dinah Kowalska does her best juggling her chaotic personal life with her frantic professional life.

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  • Suspects: Season 1


    Set in London, a group of police detectives solve crimes in this age of technology, human trafficking, and drugs.

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  • Vera: Season 1


    Vera Stanhope is one of my favorite characters ever! She's disorganized, un-stylish, a bit brisk. Basically, she's a bit of a mess. But, boy can she solve crime!

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  • The Great British Baking Show: Season 1


    The above titles have all been drama or crime shows. Now, for some fun! I know many have heard of this phenomenal show, so whether you will be watching it for the first time or re-watching it for the twelfth, ready, set, bake!

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