Earth Day Documentaries

By Lukie Marriott

Some films to get you thinking (and acting!) on Earth Day.

  • Earth : a new wild

    2015 by M Sanjayan

    This stunning National Geographic series shows the human connection to the wildest places on earth, and how our intervention is critical to the survival of these environments and species. Hosted by conservation scientist Dr. Sanjayan, this series offers hope in the form of those who are protecting the wild.

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  • Last call at the oasis


    California’s ongoing drought is one example of the global water shortage. In this film, water shortages, contamination from industry, and the benefits of conservation and need for regulation are covered in shocking, sobering detail.

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  • Blue Gold World Water Wars

    2009 by Sam Bozzo

    Corporate theft, the detrimental effects of dams, and government corruption threaten global water supplies, making water a life or death matter.

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  • The Island President

    2011 by Jon Shenk

    In 2009, President Nasheed of The Maldives went to the Copenhagen climate summit to try to save his country from sinking into the ocean. A heartrending story about one man’s attempt to save the planet.

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  • Earth : the sequel

    2014 by Cinedigm (Firm), film distributor

    Based on the NY Times bestselling book, this documentary features leaders of the green energy revolution.

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  • Born to Be Wild

    2011 by Morgan Freeman

    Habitat destruction and poaching threaten the survival of many of earth's wild species. This short documentary focuses on orphaned baby orangutans and elephants, and the efforts of individuals to rescue, rehabilitate, and return them to the wild.

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  • Island of Lemurs, Madagascar

    2015 by David Douglas

    New from IMAX, learn about the incredible lemurs of Madagascar. Although hundreds of species evolved on the richly forested island, they are now endangered. Follow scientist Patricia Wright as she works to save these strange and amazing creatures.

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  • A Fierce Green Fire : the battle for a living planet

    2012 by Mark Kitchell

    Remember Love Canal? This documentary looks at the last 50 years of environmental activism, both grassroots and global. Hopefully, it will inspire lots more people to get involved!

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