Three Cheers for Trilogies!

By Dan Suwinski

As I near the end of another trilogy series, I found myself reflecting on all of the other great series I have read, and which other ones I am looking forward to. You spend a lot of time with characters when reading three books, and when you get to the end it can feel as if you lost a friend. Here are some great suggestions to start a new relationship with a trilogy!

  • The Emperor's Blades

    2014 by Brian Staveley

    This series has been a real treat so far! Normally I am not a fan of books that jump around too much following multiple story lines, but each character is the Emperor's Blades has such a gripping story that it wraps you in. Three children of the assassinated emperor are trying to get to the bottom of their fathers death, while trying to stay alive themselves. One son is in a monastery, one training with elite soldiers who ride giant hawks named kettral, and the third an appointed minister, the youngest one ever. This page turner will leave you wanting more, and Brian Staveley will deliver!

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  • Mistborn : the final empire

    2006 by Brandon Sanderson

    This could be my favorite trilogy of all time. Excellent world building, character development, with one of the best magic systems I've ever encountered, and I thought the ending was genius. There are many twists and turns as you get dropped into the Final Empire which makes it hard to stop reading. What more can you ask for?

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  • Prince of Thorns

    2011 by Mark Lawrence

    I've heard of dark fantasy and anti-heroes, but this is the darkest fantasy with the anti-est anti-hero I've ever encountered. Jorg is already the leader of a cutthroat gang of marauders, and has killed more men than most seasoned warriors -- including innocent civilians and a few of his own followers. Despite all this, I found myself rooting for Jorg, especially as more of his past is revealed, and we learn why he has become such a hardened, unrepentant killer. He lives in a broken empire where minor lords are constantly squabbling, but who is really pulling the strings of power? Jorg intends to find out. He aims to become king by the time he is fifteen, and once you meet you, you won't be betting against him! If you've ever wanted to read a first-person book about a hero who is also the darkest of villains, try this out. It's not like anything I've ever read before.

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  • Dragons of Autumn Twilight

    2003 by Margaret Weis

    This is a book that really makes you feel like you are part of the crew along for the adventure. While some characters are elves, half-elves or dwarves; all of the characters were easy to relate to and interesting. An old band of friends must come together to battle the evil goddess and her band of dragons!

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  • The Cloud Roads

    2011 by Martha Wells

    There are plenty of stories that involve the lost orphan, the last of his race, looking for his people until finally discovering them at the end and all is well! Boring. While Moon is in this situation to start, he finds his race pretty quick off the bat, and quickly becomes entangled in their culture, romance, and war. No shortage of fighting scenes from the air, and lots of character development made this series hard to put down.

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  • Assassin's apprentice : The Realm of the Elderlings: The Farseer Trilogy, Book 1.

    2002 by Hobb, Robin.

    This is truly a classic, and an excellent work of Fantasy. Writing a first person story, is something that Robin Hobb really excels at, and this book is no exception. The development of the relationships between the characters is very unique, steady, and is a pleasure to enjoy. The plot is gripping, mysterious, and the strange attackers are intriguing!

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