Summer 2019 Friends & Neighbors: Preschool Books

By Skokie Staff Bibliocommons Youth Services

Connect, explore, imagine, and create. It's always more fun when you include family, friends, and neighbors.

  • Thank You, Mr. Panda

    2017 by Antony, Steve

    Mr. Panda enjoys giving unique gifts, but not all of his friends are grateful for receiving them.

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  • In the Town All Year 'Round

    2008 by Berner, Rotraut Susanne

    Providing even more fun than other "look and find" books, you follow a number of characters through the seasons. Noah loves geese (real or pretend), Matthew runs every day, and Olivia can't stop reading, no matter where she might be.

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  • Good Morning, Neighbor

    2018 by Calì, Davide

    Join a wild and furry cast of characters who are having a collaborative cake-making adventure in this adorable picture book.

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  • The Tiny Seed

    1987 by Carle, Eric

    The life cycle of a flower is depicted through colorful illustrations in a way that is accessible to young children.

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  • Gaston

    2014 by DiPucchio, Kelly

    Gaston is a poodle pup raised by a bulldog family in this heartwarming story about acceptance and being yourself.

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  • When's My Birthday?

    2017 by Fogliano, Julie

    It's not easy waiting an entire year to celebrate your birthday, and young readers will surely relate to the excitement and suspense of trying to be patient.

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  • Thank You Bear

    2007 by Foley, Greg E.

    Bear has a gift to give, but none of the animals seem to appreciate it.

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  • Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book

    2017 by Hegarty, Patricia

    Explore the world through the eyes of a bee as she does her important job of pollinating flowers. Gorgeous die-cut "peek-a-boo" illustrations will delight! Check out Tree and Moon by the same author/illustrator pair.

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  • Happy to Be Nappy

    1999 by Hooks, Bell

    This book is a great celebration of hair!

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  • Dig, Dogs, Dig: A Construction Tail

    2013 by Horvath, James

    Colorful illustrations filled with detail and humor accompany a rhyming text as a crew of dogs employs all manner of trucks to build a park. Along the way, the crew discovers a big surprise.

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  • Be a Maker

    2019 by Howes, Katey

    Make things on your own or in a group. It's awesome!

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  • Lullaby (for a Black Mother): A Poem

    2013 by Hughes, Langston

    A sweet, lulling introduction to this famous poet's work for the youngest audience and their mothers.

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  • The Digger and the Flower

    2018 by Kuefler, Joseph

    A lovely story about how a big truck named Digger saves little seeds left in the rubble of a construction site, caring for them until they blossom into beautiful flowers in a new home.

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  • Ice Cream & Dinosaurs

    2016 by Litwin, Eric

    The only thing Groovy Joe loves more than Doggy Ice Cream is sharing Doggy Ice Cream. And singing. Groovy Joe also loves singing.

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  • If You're Groovy and You Know It, Hug a Friend!

    2018 by Litwin, Eric

    A joyous book that you can sing aloud!

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  • The Piano

    2018 by Maijala, Marika

    Get in the groove with this adorable tale of friendship and sharing a love for beautiful music. Find out what happens in this story of a mysterious piano and the conductor's missing sock.

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  • Sam and Jump

    2016 by Mann, Jennifer K.

    Sam and his stuffed bunny, Jump, are best friends. One day Sam meets a new friend and forgets Jump at the beach.

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  • Lola Plants a Garden

    2014 by McQuinn, Anna

    In this joyous and beautifully illustrated book, Lola is inspired by the poem "Mary Mary Quite Contrary" to plant her own garden.

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  • If You Plant a Seed

    2015 by Nelson, Kadir

    A beautifully illustrated book about the the value of kindness.

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  • A Seed Needs Sun

    2014 by Riggs, Kate

    Beautiful board book that illustrates what it takes for a flower to grow.

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  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt

    1989 by Rosen, Michael

    A classic - a family must go through several landscapes and hardships in order to find the bear. What happens when they actually find the bear?

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  • Plant a Kiss

    2015 by Rosenthal, Amy Krouse

    A glittery concept book about the power of a small act of love.

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  • Uni the Unicorn

    2014 by Rosenthal, Amy Krouse

    Uni the Unicorn believes with all her heart that little girls exist. Surely that can't be possible...right?

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  • The Mixed-Up Truck

    2016 by Savage, Stephen

    Instead of mixing cement, an enthusiastic truck mixes the ingredients for a cake. Young ones will enjoy saying "presto" along with the reader as the book leads to a surprise ending.

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  • My Best Friends

    2018 by Sparrow, Leilani

    This bright and cheery book about different types of friends is written with very simple text.

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  • The Most Magnificent Thing

    2014 by Spires, Ashley

    Sometimes when you start making something that seems AMAZING it just...won't work. When that happens, sometimes the best thing to do is to walk away and come back later. Looking again with a fresh set of eyes can make all the difference in the world.

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  • Want to Play Trucks?

    2018 by Stott, Ann

    Two boys play in the park. One likes trucks, the other likes dolls. Can they figure out a way to play together?

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  • I Have an Idea!

    2019 by Tullet, Hervé

    "It's a magnificent feeling" when you have an idea. This book is a celebration of ideas from finding to cultivating them. What you make of them after you close the book is up to you.

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  • Pizza at Sally's

    2006 by Wellington, Monica

    What makes Sally's pizza so good? Is it her homegrown tomatoes, the special yummy cheese, or the way she twirls the dough in the air before baking the pizza? Also look for Mr. Cookie Baker by the same author.

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  • Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale

    2004 by Willems, Mo

    A happy trip to the laundromat turns catastrophic when a beloved friend is lost. Will the two be reunited?

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  • Should I Share My Ice Cream?

    2011 by Willems, Mo

    Gerald the elephant faces a conundrum as he ponders whether to share his ice cream, which he really loves, with his best friend, whom he also really loves.

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  • Found

    2014 by Yoon, Salina

    When Bear finds a stuffed bunny, he searches everywhere for the bunny's owner. Will he be able to keep his new little friend?

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  • A Soup Opera

    2009 by Gill, Jim

    A funny, musical tale in which a man at a restaurant insists he cannot eat his soup, and everyone from the chef to the President tries to find out why. CD included.

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