Summer 2019 Friends & Neighbors: Grades 3-5

By Skokie Staff Bibliocommons Youth Services

Connect, explore, imagine, and create. It's more fun when you include family, friends, and neighbors.

  • 101 Small Ways to Change the World

    2018 by Andrus, Aubre

    No, you're not too young to make a difference. This book is full of ides how you can help in your family, on your block, your city, the world.

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  • Endling: The First

    2019 by Applegate, Katherine

    To learn if she truly is the last of her species--the last dairne in the world--Byx and her friends must avoid their enemies and make a perilous journey.

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  • The Wild Robot

    2016 by Brown, Peter

    When a robot washes up on a wild island, she must explore and adapt to survive.

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  • Start Now! You Can Make a Difference

    2018 by Clinton, Chelsea

    Kids can and do make a difference. Addressing personal and global issues in a kid-friendly way, this book inspires mindfulness and activism with lots of fun facts and trivia peppered throughout.

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  • Saving Winslow

    2018 by Creech, Sharon

    Louie volunteers to care for Winslow, a newborn donkey. The experience makes him feel closer to his brother, who is far away with the army, and connects him with some new friends.

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  • Blended

    2018 by Draper, Sharon M.

    Isabella hates moving between her parents' houses every week. But that's not all she's struggling with.

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  • Escape to the Above

    2018 by Epstein, Adam Jay

    Wily Snare has lived in a dungeon his whole life and has never known anything but the dungeon, the treasure, and how to fix the traps. One day, he is given a choice to leave his only home and explore the great unknown. What is he? Who is he? Was his whole life a lie?

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  • The Birchbark House

    1999 by Erdrich, Louise

    Travel back in time to 1847 to spend a year with a young Ojibwa girl named Omakayas ("Little Frog") and her family. A moving story with themes of courage, identity, and hope.

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  • Lulu the Broadway Mouse: Tiny Dreamer. Big Dream

    2018 by Gavigan, Jenna

    Lulu lives in a Broadway theater in New York City and longs to be a star on stage. Jayne, the new girl in the cast, becomes her friend, and together they make both of their dreams reality.

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  • The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street

    2017 by Glaser, Karina Yan

    The four Vanderbeeker children love their house, their neighborhood, and their friends. But can they convince their landlord to let them stay?

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  • Garvey's Choice

    2016 by Grimes, Nikki

    Garvey has a lot to offer. He's a loyal friend, is clever with jokes, and has a great voice. But, he doesn't like sports, and his father wants him to be an athlete. When Garvey joins a chorus, he finds confidence and a way to connect with his dad in this moving novel in verse.

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  • Lights, Camera, Cook!

    2017 by Harper, Charise Mericle

    Meet Caroline, Oliver, Rae, and Tate. Which of these rising young stars of the kitchen will become the next Best Junior Chef? Check out this first in a series title to find out what it's like to be behind-the-scenes on a reality TV show.

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  • The Ostrich and Other Lost Things

    2018 by Hautala, Beth

    While trying to find her brother's lost toy ostrich, Olivia is in for a big surprise.

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  • The Parker Inheritance

    2018 by Johnson, Varian

    Candace and her friend, Brandon, try to solve a puzzle that her grandmother had tried, and failed, to solve 20 years earlier.

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  • You Go First

    2018 by Kelly, Erin Entrada

    While playing online Scrabble, two kids discover more than just a love of words.

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  • Building Amazing Creations: Sean Kenney's Art with LEGO Bricks

    2017 by Kenney, Sean

    LEGO enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy this beautiful book, filled with examples of the amazing sculptures the author has built. Building instructions are not included, but the work is inspiring nonetheless.

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  • Amina's Voice

    2017 by Khan, Hena

    A powerful story about navigating challenges in middle school, family, and community. When her mosque is vandalized, shy Amina finds that her talent as a singer connects her diverse community as she gains confidence in her own identity.

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  • Restart

    2017 by Korman, Gordon

    Chase doesn’t remember all the bad things and the bullying he did. Will the people in his life let him start over?

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  • Book Uncle and Me

    2016 by Krishnaswami, Uma

    In addition to themes of friendship and the love of reading (the main character's goal is to read a new book every day), this is an important story about community activism and how even those too young to vote can make an impact when an issue is important to them.

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  • The Frame-Up

    2018 by MacKnight, Wendy McLeod

    When 12-year-old Sargent visits his father's art gallery, he discovers some very strange things happening inside the paintings.

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  • Big Problemas

    2019 by Medina, Juana

    Juana wishes things could go back to the way they were before, but her mother has a new boyfriend, and with an impending marriage, change is in the air.

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  • Merci Suárez Changes Gears

    2018 by Medina, Meg

    Merci is great at dealing with friend issues, family illness, and growing up. She's funny and smart and brave.

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  • Until Tomorrow, Mr. Marsworth

    2018 by O'Connor, Sheila

    Written as a series of letters between 11-year-old Reenie and an elderly shut-in named Mr. Marsworth, this compelling story addresses the themes of pacifism and patriotism, as well as family and friendship, during the summer of 1968. The Vietnam conflict is the main issue, but parallels can be drawn to civic engagement and student activism today.

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  • Astrid the Unstoppable

    2018 by Parr, Maria

    At turns spunky, serious, and even silly, Astrid is a character who will capture your heart. And she's not the only one in the story who learns and grows.

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  • William Wenton and the Secret Portal

    2018 by Peers, Bobbie

    Author Bobbie Peers, a graduate of the London International Film School, has a vivid imagination. So much so that this fast-paced, suspenseful novel reads like an action/adventure/sci-fi movie.

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  • The First Rule of Punk

    2017 by Pérez, Celia C.

    It can be hard to be your authentic self. It can be even harder when you're at a new school. You know what makes it better? Find some cool friends and join a band.

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  • Lu

    2018 by Reynolds, Jason

    The last book in this great series features "Lightning Bolt Lu," the cool cocaptain of the Defenders track team.

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  • Operation Frog Effect

    2019 by Scheerger, Sarah Lynn

    Fifth-graders struggle to get along until a major event forces them to work together.

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  • Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor

    2014 by Scieszka, Jon

    First in a series, this graphic novel hybrid is funny and packed with real science. Will kid inventor Frank Einstein, assisted by robots Klink and Klank, win Midville's Science Prize, or be defeated by sinister archrival T. Edison?

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  • Betty before X

    2018 by Shabazz, Ilyasah

    This book focuses on Betty Shabazz's childhood and her volunteer work with the Housewives League.

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  • When You Reach Me

    2009 by Stead, Rebecca

    Who is sending Miranda strange notes? This book requires the reader to do mental gymastics to figure out the answer.

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  • The Atlas Obscura Explorer's Guide for the World's Most Adventurous Kid

    2018 by Thuras, Dylan

    Shows amazing pictures of some of the world's most interesting and obscure places, with a map on each page.

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  • Property of the Rebel Librarian

    2018 by Varnes, Allison

    When books are removed from the school library and the librarian is suspended, June decides she needs to do something to fight for the right to read.

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  • Charlotte's Web

    2012 by White, E. B.

    A classic book about friendship between a spider and a pig and their connection to the greater ecosystem.

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  • Peace and Me

    2018 by Winter, Ali

    In this beautifully illustrated book, learn about men and women from around the world who won a Nobel Peace Prize for making our world a better place . What does peace mean to you?

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