2019 District 65 Summer Reading List (K-2)

Check out these wonderful books recommended by Evanston/Skokie School District 65 librarians and teachers.

  • Neither

    2018 by Airlie Anderson

    Because Neither is unlike both the rabbits and birds of the Land of This and That, it sets out to find a new place where all kinds of creatures are welcome.

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  • Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos

    2017 by Monica Brown

    Chronicles Frida's life and captures the beauty and strength of her creative spirit and the animals that inspired her along the way.

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  • My Hair Is a Garden

    2018 by Cozbi A Cabrera

    After being teased yet again about her unruly hair, MacKenzie consults her neighbor, who compares hair care with tending her beautiful garden and teaches MacKenzie some techniques.

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  • Carmela Full of Wishes

    2018 by Matt de la Peña

    Carmela, finally old enough to run errands with her brother, tries to think of the perfect birthday wish, while his wish seems to be that she stayed home.

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  • Carl and the Meaning of Life

    2019 by Deborah Freedman

    When a field mouse asks Carl the earthworm why he tunnels through the dirt, Carl doesn't have an answer, so he sets off to find out.

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  • Lucia the Luchadora

    2017 by Cynthia Leonor Garza

    When she's confronted with a case of injustice, Lucia must decide if she can stay true to the ways of the luchadora and fight for what is right, even if it means breaking the sacred rule of never revealing the identity behind her mask.

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  • B Is for Baller : the ultimate basketball alphabet

    2018 by James Littlejohn

    Featuring dozens of iconic NBA superstars, this is the ultimate alphabet book for young hoops fans--whether they're taking their first shot at the ABCs or already perfecting their threes!

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  • Julián Is a Mermaid

    2018 by Jessica Love

    After riding the subway home with his abuela, all Julián can think about is dressing up in his own fabulous mermaid costume. But what will Abuela think about the mess he makes -- and what will she think about how Julián sees himself?

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  • The Little Red Fort

    2018 by Brenda Maier

    Ruby wants to build a fort, but her three brothers refuse to help. When the fort is finished Ruby will not let them join her--until the boys come up with a few embellishments for the fort, like a mailbox, a garden, and a fresh coat of paint.

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  • Perfectly Norman

    2018 by Tom Percival

    Norman is thrilled to discover he grew a pair of wings overnight, but his excitement turns to doubt when he realizes he is now different from everyone else, causing him to question whether there is such thing as perfectly normal.

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  • Say Something!

    2019 by Peter H Reynolds

    Perfect for kid activists everywhere, this timely story reminds readers of the undeniable importance and power of their voice.

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  • Poetree

    2019 by Shauna LaVoy Reynolds

    A shy girl celebrates winter's end by writing a poem to a tree and is surprised when the tree writes back.

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  • High Five

    2019 by Adam Rubin

    Animals present hand slapping skills to readers, just in time for the annual high five contest.

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  • I Have an Idea!

    2019 by Hervé Tullet

    The author meditates on the search for an idea, and the wonderful feeling when the right idea comes along, unleashing the creative process.

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  • Isaac and His Amazing Asperger Superpowers!

    2016 by Melanie Walsh

    Even though Isaac's not really a superhero--he has Asperger syndrome, which means his brain works a little differently--he does love to play superheroes with his brother, who understands him.

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  • Magic Ramen : the story of Momofuku Ando

    2019 by Andrea Wang

    Inspiration struck when Momofuku Ando spotted the long lines for a simple bowl of ramen following World War II. Magic Ramen tells the true story behind the creation of one of the world’s most popular foods.

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  • If Sharks Disappeared

    2017 by Lily Williams

    A nonfiction picture book tracing the repercussions of what would happen if sharks disappeared from our planet.

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  • The Day You Begin

    2018 by Jacqueline Woodson

    Other students laugh when Rigoberto, an immigrant from Venezuela, introduces himself. Later, he meets Angelina and discovers that he is not the only one who feels like an outsider.

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