Cool Summer Reads 2019

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Some of our favorite books for kids in grades 3-5 to read this summer!

  • The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle

    2018 by Uss, Christina

    A 10-year-old girl named Bicycle decides to bike across the country to find a friend. You will love meeting the friends she makes!

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  • Around the World in 50 Ways

    2018 by Smith, Daniel

    Have you ever wanted to travel around the world? In this book, you get to choose where to go and how to get there. But watch out for dead ends!

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  • Cici's Journal: The Adventures of a Writer-in-training

    2017 by Chamblain, Joris

    A man lugs paint cans through the forest. An old woman keeps checking out the same library book. Cici, the writer-in-training, wonders what is going on?

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  • Countdown: 2979 Days to the Moon

    2018 by Slade, Suzanne

    The first humans stepped foot on the moon 50 years ago. It was amazing!

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  • The Creature of the Pines

    2018 by Gidwitz, Adam

    Elliot and Uchenna are hiding a tiny blue creature in their backpack. Can they keep it hidden from the bad guys?

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  • Front Desk

    2018 by Yang, Kelly

    While 10-year-old Mia’s parents clean motel rooms, she manages the front desk. With hard work, bullying, racism, and poverty to cope with, will she be able to keep the biggest secret of all?

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  • Horizon

    2017 by Westerfeld, Scott

    A plane crashes in the Arctic and all but 8 passengers disappear. Why, then, do the kids find themselves in a jungle surrounded by strange and deadly plants and animals?

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  • Ice Wolves

    2018 by Kaufman, Amie

    Twelve-year-old Anders transforms into an ice wolf. His sister, Rayna, transforms into a scorch dragon. Aren’t wolves and dragons sworn enemies?

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  • The Magic Misfits

    2017 by Harris, Neil Patrick

    An evil carnival owner traps Carter. Will Carter and his new friends use their magic to escape? Will good triumph over evil?

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  • Missing Mike

    2018 by Green, Shari

    When wildfires threaten their home, Cara’s beloved rescue dog runs away. What should Cara do?

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  • The Night Diary

    2018 by Hiranandani, Veera

    Nisha is half Muslim, half Hindu, so when India is divided into separate countries, she and her family must make a dangerous and difficult journey.

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  • Sidetracked

    2017 by Asher, Diana Harmon

    Running cross-country is not easy for Joseph, and not having friends and dealing with the school bully are hard, too. Then he meets Heather and finds a new way to look at life.

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