Reading to Keep You Awake

By Katy Jacob

From skin-crawlingly creepy horror to psychological suspense, these books will keep you up at night.

  • House of Leaves

    2000 by Danielewski, Mark Z.

    This book is mind-bending. As the madness intensifies, the mechanics of a regular print book go out the window. Truly an unrivaled experience.

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  • Bird Box

    2014 by Malerman, Josh

    Now a very popular Netflix film, this is one of my favorite books of all time. Malerman builds tension like no other author I've ever read.

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  • A Choir of Ill Children

    2003 by Piccirilli, Tom

    This Southern Gothic horror novel is easily the weirdest thing I have ever read. Not for the faint of heart...or stomach.

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  • The Man in My Basement: A Novel

    2004 by Mosley, Walter

    How to even begin to describe this book? Disturbing, relevant, unsettling. A strange man proposes to rent Charles Blakely's basement just when he happens to need some extra cash... but why?

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  • Broken Monsters

    2014 by Beukes, Lauren

    A recent series of gruesome murders may have a supernatural twist. I read this almost two years ago and it still pops into my head when I least expect it.

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  • Thornhill

    2017 by Smy, Pam

    This illustrated novel surprised me with its level of eeriness. A nice, quick read that gave me the same feeling I used to have when reading Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark as a child.

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  • Gwendy's Button Box

    2017 by King, Stephen

    Stephen King's horror prowess is undeniable, but this little novella he wrote with Richard Chizmar is one of my favorites.

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  • Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief

    2013 by Wright, Lawrence

    This may seem out of place on a list of mostly fiction, but this deep dive into the Church of Scientology certainly gave me the shivers.

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  • Through the Woods

    2014 by Carroll, Emily

    Emily Carroll is my all-time favorite artist, especially for creepy content. This is a graphic novel short story collection.

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