Affable Trash

By Lynnanne Pearson

Who says you always have to read for elevation and refinement? These titles may not be intellectual, but they sure are fun.

  • Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper

    2015 by Hilary Liftin

    This thinly veiled retelling of the TomKat marriage has it all: Hollywood gossip, celebrities, glamorous locales and sex! I had a lot of fun reading the book trying to determine which events actually happened and which were author fabrications. Perfect for those who read Star and US Weekly in the grocery line.

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  • Dear Daughter

    2014 by Elizabeth Little

    Janie Jenkins (think Paris Hilton but smarter, funnier, and not so plastic) is convicted of killing her mother but is released on a technicality. Janie knows she didn't do it. But with little to go on and one of the most famous faces in America, how will she prove it? A thrilling page turner that will keep you reading on the beach long after your SPF has worn off.

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  • A Circle of Wives

    2014 by Alice LaPlante

    Nothing's trashier than secrets, lies, murder and multiple wives! Dr. John Taylor is found dead in a hotel room and all three of his wives show up to the funeral services. Oops! Miss Manners would definitely think that is a faux pas. Figuring out which, if any, of these three women killed him is all part of the fun as the chapters alternate from their perspectives and that of the homicide detective.

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  • Afterburn : a novel

    2005 by Zane.

    I would be remiss to have a list of Trashy Books and not include Zane. Zane is the author for those of us who thought 50 Shades was too tame. Any of Zane's books will do for a hot, trashy read, but this one is my favorite.

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  • The Santangelos

    2015 by Jackie Collins

    Like Zane, no list of trashy books is complete with Jackie Collins, the Grande Dame of Trashy. This one, the latest in her Lucky Santangelo series, finds poor Lucky defending her family (and her empire) against those plotting their downfall. Melodramatic action, sexy shenanigans, and lots of violence add to the over-the-top fun.

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  • Down the Rabbit Hole : curious adventures and cautionary tales of a former Playboy bunny

    2015 by Holly Madison

    Proof that not all nonfiction is erudite and scholarly.

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  • Killing Monica

    2015 by Candace Bushnell

    An author writes a book loosely based on her real life that gets turned into a very successful television show and movie. The author finds that fictional creation and the actress playing her far exceeds the fame and fortune of the author. So, she tries to kill her creation. While this is the basic plot of Killing Monica, it can also be seen as Candace Bushnell's not-so-subtle dig at Sex and the City and Sarah Jessica Parker. Celebrity feuds are always good for trashy reading.

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  • Primates of Park Avenue : a memoir

    2015 by Wednesday Martin

    According to my coworker Kathy, reading this book "is like watching a train wreck." The author, who studied primatology at Yale University, applies those same anthropology principles to the moms of Park Avenue. She documents her findings in this book ($8,000 Hermes Birkin bag anyone?). You will consistently express outrage reading it and yet you will not be able to turn away!

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