Let's Go on a Quest! (3rd-5th Grade)

By Skokie Staff Bibliocommons Youth Services

In celebration of Summer Reading, let's go on a quest. The books on this list will help you launch your next adventure.

  • Furthermore

    2016 by Mafi, Tahereh

    Alice Alexis Queensmeadow tries not to stand out, but finds it hard since she is devoid of color. One day, a boy asks Alice to help with him with a task that might help Alice find her father who had disappeared. Together, the two must enter Furthermore and go on a journey of magic and mystery.

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  • Breadcrumbs

    2011 by Ursu, Anne

    Jack and Hazel were best friends, dreaming about places like Hogwarts and superheroes. Even when they got older, they never fit with anyone else, only together. Then, one day, Jack stopped talking to Hazel and it was over, but Hazel had read enough stories to know that it wasn't this simple.

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  • Wildwood

    2011 by Meloy, Colin

    After Prue McKeel's baby brother is kidnapped by crows, she ventures into the Impassible Wilderness, a magical and dangerous forest in Oregon. As she travels deeper, Prue finds herself in the middle of a war between the various inhabitants. This book is the first in a series.

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  • The Iron Trial

    2014 by Black, Holly

    When Callum Hunt is sent to a school to learn magic, all he wants to do is fail all the tests and leave. However, he only gets deeper and deeper as he passes all the trials while trying his best to hide his dark past from his friends. This book is the first of a series.

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  • The Goblin's Puzzle: Being the Adventures of A Boy With No Name and Two Girls Called Alice

    2016 by Chilton, Andrew S.

    Two girls named Alice, an untrustworthy goblin, and a nameless boy find themselves in a sinister plot to take over the kingdom.

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  • Grayling's Song

    2016 by Cushman, Karen

    When Grayling's mother is turned into a tree by evil forces, it is time for him to be a hero. On her journey to save her mom, Grayling meets all sorts of magical beings to help her on her quest.

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  • Bone

    2005 by Smith, Jeff

    After the three Bone cousins were run out of Boneville, they cross a desert and eventually find themselves in a dark forest. They find refuge with Gran'ma Ben and Thorn, her daughter, and the Bone cousins find themselves in a place with mystical and terrifying creatures. This book is the first in a series.

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  • The Last Wild

    2014 by Torday, Piers

    In a world where animals don't exist, Kester Jaynes feels out of place as he is locked away and cannot speak. One night, a talking pigeon comes to his aid and helps Kester escape. Now, it is up to Kester to save the animals.

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  • The Lightning Thief

    2005 by Riordan, Rick

    After seeing his mother killed by a Minotaur, a young boy finds out that his absent father is actually a god! Now, joined by a satyr and a daughter of Athena, they go on a quest to get his mother back, even if it means traveling to the underworld.

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  • Fablehaven

    2009 by Mull, Brandon

    When Kendra and Seth are sent to spend time at their grandparent's estate, they expect to be bored. Little did they know that there were magical creatures in the backyard and sinister beings that lived deep in the forest. This book is the first in a series

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  • The Golden Compass

    1996 by Pullman, Philip

    In a world where our souls exist outside our bodies in the form of animals, a young girl named Lyra goes on a quest to the far north to save her best friend and other children from evil experiments. This book is the first in a series.

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  • The Mark of the Dragonfly

    2014 by Johnson, Jaleigh

    Piper is forced to go on a journey when she finds a mysterious girl with a dragonfly tattoo in a wreckage. The girl doesn't remember anything, but the mark of the dragonfly means that she is from the Dragonfly Territory. Now it is up to Piper to get the girl home, though the journey is much more dangerous than she thought.

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