Let's Go to the Cinema! (Picture Books)

By Skokie Staff Bibliocommons Youth Services

In celebration of Summer Reading, let's go to the Cinema! The books on this list were turned into fantastic films.

  • Madeline

    1967 by Bemelmans, Ludwig

    Madeline is the naughtiest girl and one day she comes down with a cold.

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  • The Lorax

    1971 by Seuss

    A boy comes to a dark house and is told the story of the Lorax and why there are no more trees.

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  • Where the Wild Things Are

    1991 by Sendak, Maurice

    A misbehaving boy is sent to his room without dinner, and the boy sails to a land of beasts and becomes their king.

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  • The Story of Babar, the Little Elephant

    2002 by Brunhoff, Jean de

    An orphaned elephant is raised by humans, but he eventually goes back to live with the rest of the elephants and gets crowned as their king.

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  • Shrek!

    1990 by Steig, William

    Shrek is the ugliest person in town and he is proud of it. One day, a witch tells Shrek that he will marry an ogre who is uglier than he is, so Shrek goes on an adventure to find his repulsive true love.

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  • Paddington

    2007 by Bond, Michael

    Mr. and Mrs. Brown are shocked to see a young bear walking through Paddington station alone.

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  • Silent Movie

    2003 by Avi

    In the early twentieth century, a Swedish family immigrates to New York, only to find separation and hardships, but that all changes when their son is cast in a silent movie.

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  • The Polar Express

    1987 by Van Allsburg, Chris

    A train takes children on a journey to get their Christmas presents.

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  • Zathura: A Space Adventure

    2002 by Van Allsburg, Chris

    Two brothers are taken on a space adventure after playing a board game.

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  • The Story of Ferdinand

    1936 by Leaf, Munro

    Ferdinand is a bull, but prefers to sit around and smell flowers rather than fighting and bashing heads with other bulls.

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  • Amelia Makes A Movie

    2008 by Milgrim, David

    Amelia decides to make a home movie and casts herself as the star!

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  • Jumanji

    1981 by Van Allsburg, Chris

    After playing a board game, two children get more than they bargained when jungle animals start appearing.

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