Let's Go on a Quest! (6th-8th Grade)

By Skokie Staff Bibliocommons Youth Services

In celebration of Summer Reading, let's go on a quest!

  • The Reader

    2016 by Chee, Traci

    After her father is murdered, Sefia moves in with her Aunt Nin. But when Nin goes missing too, Sefia needs to go on a quest to find her aunt with one mysterious clue: an odd rectangular object.

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  • The Raven Boys

    2012 by Stiefvater, Maggie

    Blue was told that she would kill the person she would kiss. Then, an unlikely friendship is born when she meets four boys and joins them on a quest to find a Welsh King. This is the first book in a tetralogy.

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  • Shadow and Bone

    2012 by Bardugo, Leigh

    Alina was never special until a dormant power is awakened inside her that helps her save the life of her friend. Alina's power may be the key to save their war-torn country, and the cause of her finding the truth of the mysterious Grisha. This book is the first in a trilogy.

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  • Ascent

    2018 by Smith, Roland

    Peak Marcello has conquered climbing the mountains of Afghanistan, and now he is off to Myanmar. Climbing the mountain is going to be the easiest part.

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  • Heir Apparent

    2002 by Vande Velde, Vivian

    Giannine decides to play the virtual reality game Heir Apparent, but the stakes are real. There are too many ways to get killed in this game and Giannine has three tries to win, or else it's game over! This book is the second in a trilogy.

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  • The Sword of Summer

    2015 by Riordan, Rick

    After his mother told him to run two years ago, Magnus Chase has been homeless and trying to avoid the police. Then, after getting attacked by a fire giant, Magnus has two choices: survive or sacrifice. Sometimes, the best way to live is to die. This book is the first in a trilogy.

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  • Incarceron

    2010 by Fisher, Catherine

    Incarceron is more than a prison. It has no cells or corridors, but metal forests, cities, and wildernesses. Nobody has ever escaped, but Finn and Claudia are desperate to try. Plus, the prison is alive...

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  • Dark Life

    2010 by Falls, Kat

    In this world, the oceans have risen and people are cramming onto what land is left. Ty and his family live under the ocean and farm the sea floor. Ty meets a girl from the surface and their lives intertwine as she goes on a search for her brother.

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  • The Apothecary

    2011 by Meloy, Maile

    In 1952, the Scott family moved from Los Angeles to London. Jainie Scott, a 14-year-old girl, meets the mysterious apothecary and his son, Benjamin. But when Benjamin's father is kidnapped, Jainie and Benjamin have to find a sacred book, locate his father, and mix some potions.

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  • The Outsiders

    2007 by Hinton, S. E.

    In Ponyboy's mind there are two kinds of people: soc's (the rich and selfish kids) and greasers (people who live on the outside). Ponyboy is a greaser and proud of it too, until his life crumbles when his friend kills a soc.

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  • Stormbreaker

    2001 by Horowitz, Anthony

    Fourteen-year-old Alex knows that everyone is lying to him when they say that Alex's uncle died in a car crash. However, Alex didn't know that his uncle was a spy for the M-16, Britain's top secret intelligence agency. Now Alex is recruited to find his uncle's killer, but his mission gets turned into a deadly game.

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  • Cinder

    2012 by Meyer, Marissa

    Cinder is a mechanic in New Beijing and forced to live with her stepmother and stepsisters, and they all hate her because of one reason: she is a cyborg. Cinder finds that her life gets entwined with the one of Prince Kai's in a dangerous struggle between an evil queen and herself. In order to protect the Earth's future, Cinder will have to uncover the secrets of her own past.

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