Let's Go to a Studio! (Picture Books)

By Skokie Staff Bibliocommons Youth Services

In celebration of Summer Reading, let's go to the Studio! The books on this list will help inspire the imaginations of young artists.

  • The Dot

    2003 by Reynolds, Peter

    Vashti knows she can't draw and can't figure out what she wants to draw either. With some help from her art teacher, Vashti finds her passion in drawing: dots!

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  • Iggy Peck, Architect

    2007 by Beaty, Andrea

    Iggy Peck loves building and drawing, but some of his creations are quite astounding.

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  • The Night Gardener

    2016 by Fan, Terry

    William witnesses the Night Gardener, a man who comes and trims trees into amazing shapes. The boy follows the Night Gardener and helps him out with his work.

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  • Mousterpiece

    2012 by Zalben, Jane Breskin

    A mouse, who lives in a museum, becomes famous after drawing and copying the styles of other famous artists.

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  • Painting Pepette

    2016 by Lodding, Linda Ravin

    In Paris in 1920, a young girl and her stuffed animal rabbit run into a famous painter in a museum.

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  • Art & Max

    2010 by Wiesner, David

    Max just wants to be like Arthur. Max is not an artist like Arthur, so when he starts to paint, crazy things start to happen.

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  • Willow

    2008 by Brennan-Nelson, Denise

    Willow's art teacher gets mad at her when she let's her imagination run wild while she paints.

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  • Bob the Artist

    2016 by Deuchars, Marion

    When Bob is teased by the other birds about how skinny his legs are, he tries to change to make himself fit in.

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  • Drawn Together

    2018 by Lê, Minh

    A boy and his grandfather cross barriers and connect through art.

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  • The Sleeping Gypsy

    2016 by Gerstein, Mordicai

    This is the story of how all of the other animals were not in a famous painting.

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  • My Beautiful Birds

    2017 by Del Rizzo, Suzanne

    In Syria, Sami travels with his family as they leave their destroyed home for a tent city, where they can be safe. When Sami is given paper and paint, all he can paint is black like the smoke in the sky.

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  • Ish

    2004 by Reynolds, Peter

    A young boy loses confidence in his abilities to draw, but his older bother helps him back on his feet.

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