Let's Go on a Picnic! (6th-8th Grade)

By Skokie Staff Bibliocommons Youth Services

In celebration of Summer Reading, let's go on a Picnic! The books on this list will get you excited about food this summer.

  • Sizzle: A Novel

    2011 by McClain, Lee

    Linda tries to find her love for cooking when she moves to Philadelphia.

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  • The Sweetest Thing

    2011 by Mandelski, Christina

    Sheridan Wells is a master cake decorator, but has trouble in her new life after having to move to New York City.

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  • The Thing About Leftovers

    2016 by Payne, C. C.

    Fizzy's life is far from perfect: she feels like a leftover in the rubble of her parent's divorce. She doesn't fit in with the kids at her new school, her new town, or, she thinks, with either of her parents. Fizzy is a good cook though, and the Southern Living Cookoff contest might be just what she needs to turn things around.

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  • Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous

    2012 by Williams, Kathryn

    Sixteen-year-old Sophie works with her family in their Italian-Greek restaurant, but she can't wait to open her own place one day. Things really start moving when she applies to be a reality show "cheftestant" on a cooking show for teens. The winner gets a scholarship to a prestigious cooking show!

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  • Stir It Up!: A Novel

    2011 by Ganeshram, Ramin

    Anjali wants to one day host a cooking show using recipes that combines her Hindu and Trinidadian heritage.

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  • Slider

    2017 by Hautman, Pete

    Freshman David Miller can eat a whole pizza in under five minutes! This comes in handy when he accidentally makes a $2,000 charge on his mom's credit card. He's in deep trouble—unless he can win a local pizza eating contest.

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  • Close to Famous

    2011 by Bauer, Joan

    Though she's just in 6th grade, Foster McKee is an excellent baker and she dreams of one day being a celebrity chef. Unfortunately, Foster's life is far from easy. Will she be able to face her challenges and make the world a sweeter place?

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  • Wesley James Ruined My Life

    2017 by Honeybourn, Jennifer

    Sixteen-year-old Quinn has her summer all planned out: working at a restaurant, hanging out with friends, and earning enough money to go on the school band trip in the fall. Then, her arch-nemesis Wesley shows up and turns everything on it's head!

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  • Taste Test

    2013 by Fiore, Kelly

    Nora wants out of her sleepy town, and competing in Taste Test, a cooking reality show, with a huge cash payout and a scholarship to a Parisian cooking school may be just the way to do it!

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  • Relish: My Life in the Kitchen

    2013 by Knisley, Lucy

    Lucy outlines her life and her love of food in this funny memoir.

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