Let's Go to the Studio (Adult/Teen)

By Skokie Staff Bibliocommons Readers Advisory

The following books will help jumpstart your creativity and entertain you with stories of artists.

  • The Last Painting of Sara De Vos

    2016 by Smith, Dominic

    In this novel, Sara de Vos is admitted as the first female master painter to the Guild of St. Luke's in Holland. Three hundred years later, only one work attributed to de Vos is known to remain. An Australian grad student, Ellie Shipley, struggling to stay afloat in New York, agrees to paint a forgery of the landscape, a decision that will haunt her. Because now, half a century later, she's curating an exhibit of female Dutch painters, and both versions threaten to arrive.

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  • The Last of August

    2017 by Cavallaro, Brittany

    Teenaged descendants of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson investigate art forgery in this clever mystery, the second in the Charlotte Holmes series. The New York Times says, “A thrilling twist on a classic. Readers will be pulled in by both the riveting mystery and Charlotte Holmes, a brilliant heroine with secrets of her own.”

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  • Art, Inc: The Essential Guide for Building your Career as An Artist

    2014 by Congdon, Lisa

    Banishing the idea that artists must starve, Congdon gives indispensable advice on how you can actually earn a living as an artist. Go forth and make art . . . and money!

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  • Art Before Breakfast: A Zillion Ways to Be More Creative, No Matter How Busy You Are

    2015 by Gregory, Danny

    Popular creativity guru Danny Gregory will gently nudge and inspire you to carve out 10 minutes a day to draw with exercises for all skill levels.

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  • Polymer Clay 101: A Workshop in A Book

    2011 by Mabray, Angela

    Artists and hobbyists will find polymer clay an inviting and relatively low cost medium to work with. Techniques for many different projects are provided

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  • Andy Goldsworthy: A Collaboration With Nature

    1990 by Goldsworthy, Andy

    Goldsworthy's ephemeral creations, using only the objects in nature that he encounters, will blow your mind. The next time you are enjoying a hike or a day at the beach, see if you don't find yourself channeling Goldsworthy, and creating some designs of your own!

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  • If You Can Doodle, You Can Paint: Transforming Simple Drawings Into Works of Art

    2017 by Culhane, Diane

    Culhane shows how you can transform your doodling into grander works of art. Exercises for tapping into your subconscious by doodling later become exercises for turning those doodles into art through collage, paint, and mixed media. Sounds awesome!

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  • 350+ Beading Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets: How to Be Better at What You Do

    2018 by Power, Jean

    This is an indispensable resource for beginners and professionals working with all kinds of beads. Step-by-step, illustrated instructions provide the groundwork. Later, you may find yourself creating your own designs.

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  • Paper, Scissors, Death: A Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-n-craft Mystery

    2008 by Campbell-Slan, Joanna

    This cozy mystery that Booklist says "should quickly become a [series] favorite," includes a bit of romance and humor, plus tips for scrapbooking!

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  • And We're Off

    2017 by Schwartz, Dana

    Seventeen-year-old artist Nora receives a gift from her grandfather: a trip to Europe, with art-related assignments for every city. Nora is all-in, but challenges abound, including her mother "tagging along," and the nagging question of Nora's artistic abilities. School Library Journal calls this novel a "fun choice for summer reading shelves."

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  • Painter of Silence: A Novel

    2012 by Harding, Georgina

    An intimate and devastating portrait of Romania during and after the Second World War, through the prism of a moving and utterly original friendship between a nurse and an artist who is deaf and mute. The author's writing is described as hauntingly beautiful and the book was an Orange Award finalist.

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  • Lunar Follies

    2005 by Sorrentino, Gilbert

    "Readers skeptical of (but intrigued by) conceptual and installation art will enjoy this clever parody of the contemporary art world. In fake reviews, lists of found objects, profiles, photo captions and catalogue copy, Sorrentino satirizes the esoteric works found on the cultural cutting edge. He skewers highfalutin academic language . . . [but] Sorrentino clearly values the rights of artists to push the limits of audience expectation-and patience."—Publishers Weekly

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  • Cascade

    2012 by O'Hara, Maryanne

    In this novel, set in the 1930s, the fictional town of Cascade is about to be swallowed up by a new reservoir. Dez, an aspiring artist, makes a name for herself by painting a series of postcards that portray the upcoming flooding of Cascade, causing her small-town life to unravel.

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