Movie Nights at Ravinia 2018

By Mary Simon

This summer Ravinia is bringing us a great selection of movies which will be broadcast on large screens throughout the park. The amazing part is that the music scores will be played by live orchestras! Plan to hear some of the best film music composed by Bernard Herrmann, John Williams, and John Corigliano played by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Chicago Philharmonic.

  • E.T: The Extra-terrestrial


    The movie that captured our hearts and imagination. Has Halloween been the same since? Heartwarming and enchanting. I just heard portions of the soundtrack on the radio the other day and understand why John Williams is such a genius at composing film music. When you hear the music you immediately recall the sense of wonder and melancholy that is E.T.

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  • John Williams & the Boston Pops Orchestra - A Celebration

    2012 by Williams, John

    John Williams is featured on this 2-disc set as the conductor of the always delightful Boston Pops. This 1980's sampler of his recordings include excerpts from E.T., Superman, Star Wars, Raiders, and Close Encounters. Other film composers are represented as well. The second disc features Williams conducting Broadway hits, such as Chorus Line, Candide, etc.

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  • Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark


    Harrison Ford as an anthropologist takes on the demons and wonders of ancient Egyptian culture and history. Exciting, funny, full of twists, and one of the best summer thrillers that audiences have loved for years.

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  • The Red Violin: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    1998 by Corigliano, John

    The musical score, written by John Corigliano and performed in the sound track by a young Joshua Bell. Befitting portrayal of the layered story line, it consists of five suites, one for each of the stages of the violin and the locations it travels to. The suites represent 17th century Italy to 20th century Montreal and all stages in between. This should be a one of a kind performance, highly anticipated by lovers of the film and music.

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  • The Red Violin


    Intriguing plot about a haunted violin and its life and legacy. Outstanding acting performances to portray the mercurial journey of the instrument. For the Ravinia event, Joshua Bell will recreate his violin performance live (from the original soundtrack recording) and the composer, John Corigliano, is celebrating his 80th birthday. Michael Stern will conduct.

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  • Vertigo


    Having never suffered from Vertigo, I can't imagine how horrifying it must be to be caught in its grip. Jimmy Stewart has that to contend with as well as the other clever devices Hitchcock has in store for him. In 1996, the original film was remastered and prior to that the original sound tape (from Bernard Herrmann) turned up in a vault. Digital technology was applied to the soundtrack as well, which allows us to see the true master of film scoring at his peak.

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  • Hitchcock Best of Soundtracks

    2017 by Herrmann, Bernard

    Yes, Hitchcock was a film genius but Herrmann made us viscerally feel what the characters are experiencing. There was a very distinct reason why Hitchcock chose Herrmann as the composer for his films and this recording makes that obvious to the listener.

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  • Raiders Of The Lost Ark: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    1981 by Williams, John

    True to form, John Williams provides a spirited, lively, robust soundtrack to accompany the movie. Energetic when it needs to be and nuanced in the appropriate places.

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  • The Fantasy Film World of Bernard Herrmann

    2016 by Herrmann, Bernard

    Bernard Herrmann is undoubtedly one of my favorite soundtrack composers. I loved his early work (Jason and the Argonauts), middle phases and all places in between (Clash of the Titans, Three World's of Gulliver). His musical signature and interpretation is as identifiable as Leopold Stokowski, Fritz Reiner, and Serge Kusiviski. This compilation includes all of his best-loved hits.

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