Let's Go To a Concert

By Skokie Staff Bibliocommons Readers Advisory

Going to a concert can really transport the listener to another place—there is so much happening in and around the show. These books shed some light on the many factors that go into making it all happen!

  • Ticket Masters: The Rise of the Concert Industry and How the Public Got Scalped

    2012 by Budnick, Dean

    Chronicles the story of the modern concert industry, revealing the origins, development, and ongoing strategies of such companies as Ticketmaster, Live Nation, StubHub and numerous independent competitors.

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  • The Show I'll Never Forget: 50 Writers Relive Their Most Memorable Concertgoing Experience


    "Collected here are 50 pieces in which noted novelists (Heidi Julavits), poets (Maggie Estep), and writers on vernacular music (Andy Greenwald) recount the most memorable concert they attended. However, the book is much more than a catalog of recollections of performances by Public Image Limited, Miles Davis, the Notorious B.I.G., David Bowie, Nirvana, and Nina Simone. The gifted contributors tell the reader at least as much about the society and various subcultures of the past half century as they do about the artists and concerts themselves."—Library Journal

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  • For the Record

    2015 by Huang, Charlotte

    Gaining instant celebrity after being discovered on a TV talent show, rock singer Chelsea endures the disdain of her bandmates and ambivalently pursues a relationship with a teen heartthrob during a summer tour that could make or break her career.

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  • The Concert in Central Park

    2003 by Simon and Garfunkel

    A wonderful performance by the legendary duo Simon and Garfunkel

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  • They Call Me Supermensch: A Backstage Pass to the Amazing Worlds of Film, Food, and Rock 'n Roll

    2016 by Gordon, Shep

    "The legendary talent agent behind such superstars as Groucho Marx, Blondie and Raquel Welch chronicles his life and career in the entertainment industry, discussing such topics as his Jewish childhood in Long Island, his international travels at the sides of half a century of celebrities and the time he was punched by Janice Joplin."—NoveList.

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  • Solitude Creek

    2015 by Deaver, Jeffery

    "A tragedy occurs at a small concert venue on the Monterey Peninsula. Cries of "fire" are raised and, panicked, people run for the doors, only to find them blocked. A half dozen people die and others are seriously injured. But it's the panic and the stampede that killed; there was no fire. Kathryn Dance—a brilliant California Bureau of Investigation agent and body language expert—discovers that the stampede was caused intentionally and that the perpetrator, a man obsessed with turning people's own fears and greed into weapons, has more attacks planned."—Publisher

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  • A Concert: Behind Prison Walls

    2003 by Cash, Johnny

    Johnny Cash headlines this 1976 televised concert, shot inside the Tennessee State Prison and featuring Linda Ronstadt, Roy Clark, and Foster Brooks.

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  • Led Zeppelin: Shadows Taller Than Our Souls : the Albums, Concerts, Memorabilia, and Biography of the Gods of Rock

    2009 by Cross, Charles R.

    "In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Zeppelin’s first album release, Led Zeppelin offers generations of fans a critical, retrospective re-evaluation of the band’s mystery-enshrouded saga, as told by New York Times bestselling biographer Charles R. Cross. Cross, the author of Heavier Than Heaven: The Biography of Kurt Cobain, analyzes each of Zeppelin’s nine albums, arguing that the Gods of Rock sold millions because of the intricate musical depth that they brought to so many genres—not just the thudding, metal aspect of their sound."—Publisher

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  • A Matter of Trust: The Bridge to Russia : the Concert

    2014 by Joel, Billy

    Excerpts from six concerts during Billy Joel's tour of Russia, July-August 1987.

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  • Farewell Performance

    2007 by Flynn, Joseph

    "Sergeant Rick Valkonen, all but retired from the L.A.P.D., is given a final no-worries assignment to carry him into his new life as a beach bum with a pension. Make sure the new chief of police’s teenage twins, Justin and Justine, don’t get into trouble in big, bad L.A. But Justine gives Valkonen the slip one night and that’s when things start getting crazy."—Publisher

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  • 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concerts


    "This videodisc features live and previously unseen performances, and includes the 2009 celebration of the Hall's silver anniversary, marked by two all-star New York concerts that aired on HBO. Features U2 performing with Fergie and Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen with John Fogerty, Metallica, Aretha Franklin, and more."—Publisher

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