Let's Go to Skokie (Adult/Teen)

By Skokie Staff Bibliocommons Readers Advisory

Summer is the perfect time for a staycation so let's explore Skokie and earn that Summer Reading badge in the process!

  • Skokie

    2010 by Hanson, Amanda J.

    The Images of America series are wonderful introductions to the history of a place. Full of photographs and documents from the Skokie Historical Society, this is a fun trip down memory lane and a great way to learn about the place you live!

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  • When the Nazis Came to Skokie: Freedom for Speech We Hate

    1999 by Strum, Philippa

    After the National Socialist Party of America, a neo-Nazi group, was denied the right to stage a march in Skokie, a protracted legal battle followed with the ACLU representing the marchers. Strum traces the battle all the way to the Supreme Court.

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  • Surviving Skokie


    If you prefer your learning visual, try this DVD on the attempted Nazi march. This is a much more personal story of the situation and profiles many of the folks, specifically Skokie resident and Holocaust survivor Jack Adler, who stood up against racism and bigotry.

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  • Aw Yeah Comics!: Make Way...for Awesome!

    2016 by Baltazar, Art

    We love Aw Yeah Comics, located at 7925 Lincoln Avenue in downtown Skokie. And we love Action Cat who stars in this comic. Follow his adventures fighting his nemesis, Evil Cat in this and other Aw Yeah created comics.

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  • My Suburban Shtetl: A Novel About Life in A Twentieth-century Jewish American Village

    2001 by Rand, Robert

    Robert Rand's spirited novel, based on his own childhood, recounts growing up in Skokie during the 60s and 70s.

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  • Three Stories

    2017 by Markbreit, Roberta Weiner

    Although these three short stories about teens from varying backgrounds and the paths in life they choose do not take place in Skokie, the author lives in Skokie. Check out our Local Author collection for more books from your neighbors!

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