33rd Chicago Gospel Festival June 1& 2, 2018

By Mary Simon

Before you start stomping your feet and clapping your hands at this year's Gospel Festival, take a look at this list of CDs and books that will enrich your experience of this world-class event.

  • You Shall Live

    2015 by Sapp, Marvin

    Dr. Marvin Sapp is an American virtuoso who is acclaimed as a songwriter, musician, bishop and author. His music moves the soul and touches the heart. I am awestruck by his talent and drive and look forward to his performance at the fest.

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  • Here I Am

    2010 by Sapp, Marvin

    This album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Gospel Album. This live performance, recorded in October, 2009 at Resurrection Life Church in Grandville, Michigan, is one of Sapp's best albums.

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  • Stand Out

    2008 by Tribbett, Tye

    If you are not familiar with Tyrone "Tye" Tribbett's music you are in for a treat. Young and old, traditional and new age gospel music lovers agree that he is a force to be reckoned with. His music emits incredible energy and power and his performance at the fest is highly anticipated by fans and critics alike.

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  • The Best of the Rance Allen Group

    2006 by The Rance Allen Group

    For an old fashioned stroll down the aisle of die-hard, traditional gospel music as your parents perhaps witnessed it, try this album. Many critics believe this is one of the best gospel albums with many truly inspired selections.

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  • The Rance Allen Group: Live From San Francisco

    2016 by Rance Allen Group

    This group of brothers from Monroe, Michigan served as one of the first crossover groups to combine traditional Black gospel music with touches of rock and soul. As pioneers, they led the movement that we now take for granted when we attend gospel fests, but there was and still is a tribute to this novel practice.

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  • Lord, Give Me Wings Performance Tracks

    2013 by Dixon, Jessy

    Jessy Dixon's is a true gospel king if ever there was one. Don't miss him and check out this download before you hit the event.

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  • God Be With You Performance Tracks

    2013 by Dixon, Jessy

    If this doesn't get you jumping to your feet and shouting hallelujah, then you are in a deep funk! Full of energetic, rousing music.

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  • Out of the Black

    2014 by Sims, Tommy

    Writer, producer, and session player Tommy Simms is an inspiration to young musicians across many musical boundaries from jazz and rock to gospel.

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  • Greater Than

    2013 by Tribbett, Tye

    All sorts of true, earthy, and original gospel music for your heart and your soul. Praise the Lord for his traditional use of organs, vocals, and clapping with the incorporation of more contemporary embellishments including funky horns, synthesizer, electric guitars, and blazing, righteous singing. An amazing album!

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  • The History of Gospel Music

    2014 by Woog, Adam

    Woog does a good job of introducing readers to the history, music, musicians, and instruments of gospel music. This is an excellent series (Lucent Books) which explains various musical genres. A great supplement to the recordings in my selection.

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  • Gospel Music

    2010 by Franklin, Aretha

    Put your hands together and get ready to sway to the music. Aretha is not only the queen of soul, R&B, and rock but she is the high priestess of gospel. This one will rock your world.

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