Let's Go on an Adventure (Adult/Teen)

By Skokie Staff Bibliocommons Readers Advisory

In celebration of Summer Reading, let's go on an Adventure. These books can take you to faraway places without you having to leave your comfiest chair.

  • Assassination Vacation

    2005 by Vowell, Sarah

    A travelogue composed of essays about presidential assassinations and their locales, you say? If this sounds dry and stuffy, think again! Sarah Vowell is a wonderfully funny and engaging guide and also a hilarious reader—the audiobook is great and has guest stars.

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  • Life Is A Wheel: Love, Death, Etc., and A Bike Ride Across America

    2014 by Weber, Bruce

    Weber, an obituary writer for the New York Times, chronicles his solo bicycle trip from Oregon to New York which gives him a lot of time to contemplate life, relationships and growing older. This breezy, entertaining book will invigorate your cycling aspirations.

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  • Life From Scratch: A Memoir of Food, Family, and Forgiveness

    2015 by Martin, Sasha

    Martin's adventure takes place in her kitchen. Using food as a way to reconnect with her mother and recover from her difficult past, she decides to cook a meal from every country over the course of 195 weeks. Moving and heartwarming with recipes included.

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  • The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey

    2005 by Millard, Candice

    After he was president, Theodore Roosevelt pursued adventure in the form of a trip down an unexplored tributary of the Amazon. Filled with suspense and science, River of Doubt is an engrossing and thrilling story.

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  • In the Kingdom of Ice: The Grand and Terrible Polar Voyage of the USS Jeannette

    2014 by Sides, Hampton

    Hey, another historical adventure that will keep you reading well into the night! In1879, Lieutenant George De Long led an expedition to the North Pole in hopes of finding an open-sea passage. When the ship gets stuck in the ice, the crew faces a terrifying and deadly situation. Praised for its writing and use of firsthand documents, Sides' telling is vivid and dramatic.

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  • Braving It: A Father, A Daughter, and An Unforgettable Journey Into the Alaskan Wild

    2016 by Campbell, James

    When James Campbell's daughter Aiden turned 15, it was time to fulfill a promise to take her to Alaska. They help family there build their cabin and come to love the hard work and open spaces, leading them back two more times. Not only a humorous and sweet chronicling of this exceptional father/daughter time but also an informative look at the nature and wildlife of Alaska.

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  • Parable of the Sower

    2016 by Butler, Octavia E.

    In post-apocalyptic southern California, Lauren Olamina lives in a walled community safe from the terror outside. But as things worsen, Lauren is forced to leave and helps lead a group of other refugees heading north. A science fiction classic that seems prescient now. If you have never read Octavia Butler, it is time to start!

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  • The Golden Compass

    1996 by Pullman, Philip

    You do not have to be a teen to enjoy Lyra, her shape-shifting daemon, and their adventures as they try to save her best friend, outrun the evil Ms. Coulter, and figure out the truth about a possible alternate universe. Philip Pullman creates an amazing universe and readers will keep turning the pages with each chapter ending cliffhanger. Another great audio book that is read by a full cast. Also adapted as a graphic novel.

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  • Under A Painted Sky

    2015 by Lee, Stacey

    Sammy, a Chinese-American orphan who is wanted by the law, and Annamae, a slave girl, take to the Oregon trail to escape their dire situations. But they must disguise themselves as boys to even have a chance. This western with a twist has history, adventure and romance - a little something for everybody.

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  • In the Distance

    2017 by Díaz, Hernán

    Yee-haw! It's another non-traditional western. This time about a young Swedish boy in the 1840s who ends up alone in California. He begans a journey through the American Frontier to find his brother. Experimental and stereotype defying, this may not be for everyone but it just might be for you.

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  • Devils Unto Dust

    2018 by Berquist, Emma

    Okay one more, sorta, kinda western (what can you say? Westerns are all about adventure) but also sorta, kind of a zombie book. Daisy sets off across the harsh landscape of Texas, leaving behind her safe enclave and exposing herself to the flesh eating "shakes", to find her father. Adventure or horror? You be the judge.

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  • Joyride

    2016 by Lanzing, Jackson

    In this sci-fi graphic novel, Earth has been covered by a shield to protect it from aliens. Rebellious Uma and her techie buddy DewyDD plan to escape by hijacking a spaceship. This fun space adventure is a thrill ride for readers of all ages.

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