Hot Summer Reads 2018

Attention junior high students: your summer reading list is here! Get them while they're hot and see how many great titles you can read from this awesome list

  • Becoming Kareem: Growing up on and Off the Court

    2017 by Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem

    The NBA superstar writes candidly about family, race, basketball, stardom, and growing up.

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  • The Best Kind of Magic

    2017 by Cestari, Crystal

    Amber can accurately predict which people are destined to fall in love. This unique gift works for everyone—except Amber herself.

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  • Cold Cereal

    2012 by Rex, Adam

    A famous and beloved cereal company has a sinister secret—and it's in every box!

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  • The Epic Crush of Genie Lo

    2017 by Yee, F. C.

    16-year-old Genie Lo's quiet life is turned upside down when she discovers she has magical powers rooted in Chinese mythology.

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  • Long Way Down

    2017 by Reynolds, Jason

    Will takes a gun and leaves his family's apartment to avenge his brother's death. The ride down the elevator is not what he expected.

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  • Ms. Marvel

    2014 by Wilson, G. Willow

    Kamala is an average teen living in New Jersey. Or is she?

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  • Nyxia

    2017 by Reintgen, Scott

    Emmett jumps at the chance to earn good money as a miner of Nyxia. But Nyxia does not exist on earth.

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  • Piecing Me Together

    2017 by Watson, Renée

    Jade lives in a rough neighborhood and attends an elite private academy. Where does she belong?

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  • Refugee

    2017 by Gratz, Alan

    Violently robbed of home, possession, friends and even their countries, three different families face life-threatening situations as they struggle to survive.

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  • Thornhill

    2017 by Smy, Pam

    A boarded-up orphanage holds a chilling secret. One girl is determined to find out what it is.

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