Fairy Tales Retold

By Rachel Colias

Your favorite timeless stories with a twist.

  • Cinder

    2012 by Meyer, Marissa

    Cinder is the first book of the Lunar Chronicles series, and while it's reminiscent enough of Cinderella to recognize the similarities, its re-imagination elevates the story from classic fairy tale to modern thriller. From cyborg teenagers to evil queens to plague pandemics, this series has everything a reader with a penchant for fast-paced science fiction could ever want.

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  • Mechanica

    2015 by Cornwell, Betsy

    Mechanica is Cinderella with a futuristic, feminist twist. The discovery of her late mother's secret basement workshop catapults Nick out of an excruciating life of sewing gowns for her cruel step-sisters straight into practicing outlawed fey magic. Armed with her mother's tools and desperate to make a life for herself independent of her step-family, Nick starts skirting the law by constructing and selling animated mechanical animals. But how long before her new blackmarket business catches the wrong person's attention? And will she be able to avoid arrest?

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  • Stitching Snow

    2014 by Lewis, R. C.

    Princess Snow is hiding out on the sub-zero planet Thanda to avoid the violence and corruption that plagues her home planet. She's happy enough making repairs and coding for the seven drones that run the planet's mines, until a mysterious pilot crash lands near her home. The crash is no coincidence though, and the seemingly innocent request to fix the young man's ship is what ends up pulling the princess right into the heart of the war she's been trying to avoid. Fans of Snow White won't want to miss out on this steampunk retelling of the classic tale.

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  • Girls Made of Snow and Glass

    2017 by Bashardoust, Melissa

    Mina has a plan to woo the king of Whitespring Castle in order to finally experience true love. Her mother is dead and her step-father is a cruel magician; escape from her current life feels critical. But by becoming the queen she also becomes a step-mother, and fifteen-year-old Lynet soon appears more like competition for the throne than a child. The two seem pitted against one another despite their relationship in this fresh take on Snow White.

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  • Beastly

    2007 by Flinn, Alex

    If you've ever wanted to hear both sides of the classic Beauty and the Beast story, this is the book for you. It's a modern retelling that follows a spoiled private school student turned monster—the Beast—from his perspective as he tries to find love and break his curse. This is a very lighthearted update to an ultimately satisfying story, making the book hard to put down.

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  • Far Far Away

    2013 by McNeal, Tom

    For fans of darker fairy tales, Far Far Away follows a young boy named Jeremy as he discovers his ability to speak to ghosts. Jeremy befriends the ghost of Jacob Grimm, one of the Brothers Grimm, who's trapped between worlds and hoping to eventually pass on and be reunited with his brother. Jacob comes to love and regularly tries to protect Jeremy, but there's danger brewing that Jacob can't see or predict. This book makes great references to a handful of Brothers Grimm stories, tying them neatly to the overarching storyline.

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  • The Goose Girl

    2003 by Hale, Shannon

    Grimms' story The Goose Girl is paid homage to in Hale's debut book following Princess Ani, a shy girl with the ability to speak to animals, as she matures. Her newly widowed mother feels Ani's sensitivity makes her unfit to wear the crown and sends her off to marry the king of a neighboring kingdom, where she must learn the people skills necessary to return home and reclaim the right to inherit her mother's throne.

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