Catch a Killer

By Rachel Colias

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to track down a serial killer? Close a cold case? Discover a murderer in your own midst? The characters in these books will take you down the cold, dark road to an answer. You might not like what you find out.

  • I Hunt Killers

    2012 by Lyga, Barry

    Seventeen-year-old Jazz learned everything he needs to know about being a serial killer from his dad, but his moral compass leads him towards a different career path. Dedicated to righting his father's wrongs instead of following in his footsteps, Jazz uses everything he knows about serial killers to hunt the murderer terrorizing his town.

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  • Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer

    2013 by Alender, Katie

    High school student Colette is convinced there's a connection between Marie Antoinette and a series of gruesome murders. She's so convinced that she uses a class trip to Paris as an opportunity to investigate her speculation. She accidentally learns some surprising things about her own family's history along the way.

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  • Killer Instinct

    2014 by Green, S. E.

    Seventeen-year-old Lane is obsessed with cracking cold cases and catching those who've evaded arrest. A little strange and anti-social, her hobby often consumes her life, but no previous case could prepare her for the high-stakes game she gets sucked into chasing a local killer known as The Decapitator. For the first time ever, Lane isn't sure she's going to make it out of a hunt entirely intact.

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  • The Darkest Corners

    2016 by Thomas, Kara

    After being sent to prison and essentially destroying their family, Tessa's father dies. His death pulls Tessa back to the Pennsylvania town she hoped to never see again, a town where her court testimony sent a serial killer to death row. But as more secrets are uncovered, Tessa learns the serial killer might be getting another day in court, unraveling everything Tessa thought she knew to be true.

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  • Stalking Jack the Ripper

    2016 by Maniscalco, Kerri

    Audrey is everything a proper Victorian woman isn't supposed to be. She's a forensics apprentice at a time when Jack the Ripper is at large and she thinks she has what it takes to uncover his identity. Using her vast knowledge and talent for performing autopsies, studying blood splatter, and reading clues, Audrey makes it clear to the anonymous killer that the hunt is on.

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  • Nearly Gone

    2014 by Cosimano, Elle

    Leigh is a seemingly normal sixteen-year-old math wiz, until a serial killer starts picking off her classmates. Once it becomes evident that the killer isn't going to stop until they're arrested, Leigh decides to use her math skills to decode the killer's mysterious newspaper messages. As she works fast to uncover the killer's identity, it becomes more and more evident that she might be the town's best hope at cracking the case and ceasing the bloodshed.

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  • The Last Echo

    2012 by Derting, Kimberly

    A serial killer known as The Girlfriend Collector has been picking teen girls off in Violet's town. After discovering one of the bodies, Violet doesn't think she can stand idly by while the killer remains at large. But will her involvement in the investigation draw his ever-leering eye towards her?

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  • Akata Witch

    2011 by Okorafor, Nnedi

    Twelve-year-old outsider Sunny moves back to Nigeria with her parents, only to discover she has magical powers. She and three of her similarly magical friends combine forces to track down a serial killer and Sunny learns what it feels like to finally belong somewhere along the way.

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  • Famous Last Words

    2014 by Alender, Katie

    High-schooler Wella sees dead people; she sees their bodies when and where nobody else can. After moving to California with her parents, Willa suspects her visions may be linked to a series of local murders and she becomes devoted to tracking down the serial killer who's been hunting young girls.

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