Live Music From Your Couch

By Dan Suwinski

Have you ever had the itch to see a live band but weren't in the mood to leave the house? Both world famous and small performances come together to make this your go-to list for a listener's night in.

  • Muddy Waters, the Rolling Stones, Checkerboard Lounge, Live, Chicago 1981


    On November 22nd, 1981, in the middle of their mammoth American tour, the Rolling Stones arrived in Chicago prior to playing three nights at the Rosemont Horizon. Long influenced by the Chicago blues, the band paid a visit to Muddy Water's club, the Checkerboard Lounge, to see the legendary bluesman perform. It didn't take long before Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Ian Stewart joined in on stage. Later Buddy Guy and Lefty Dizz also played their part. It was a unique occasion that was fortunately captured on camera.

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  • The Unity Sessions


    The Unity Sessions is a live album by American jazz guitarist Pat Metheny with Chris Potter on saxophone and bass clarinet, Ben Williams on bass, and Antonio Sánchez on drums. This performance was specifically made for DVD, it was recorded live without an audience at a black box theatre.

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  • Phish: Live at the Legendary Alpine Valley Music Theatre, August 14th-15th, 2010

    2010 by Phish (Musical group)

    "Alpine Valley is a great place to see a show as you really feel so close to the band even if you are quite a way in the back. Their run here is a good one for the video as you can tell they are on fire and enjoying every minute of it!"—a show attendee

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  • The Doors Live in Europe 1968


    Filmed during their 1968 European tour, The Doors are captured in performances in London, Stockholm, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. Paul Kantner and Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane, who shared the bill with The Doors on this tour, narrate this compilation.

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  • Arctic Monkeys at the Apollo

    2009 by Arctic Monkeys (Musical group)

    The Arctic Monkeys are an English rock band formed in 2002 in High Green. At The Apollo is the first-ever official live DVD release by the band. The 76-minute film documents the last gig of their 2007 world tour at the Manchester Apollo. A fun performance!

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  • Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!

    2006 by Nirvana (Musical group)

    With Kurt Cobain's suicide in 1994, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl could've shaped this material into a sappy tribute. On the contrary, as they state in the opening inter-title, "Though circumstances did not allow for the piece to be completed by those who forged its original vision, great care was taken to maintain the integrity and intent of the original edit." Consequently, viewers get a warts-and-all glimpse of Nirvana as they were, both in concert and off stage. Live! isn't just a reminder that the Northwest trio was a great band, but that they knew how to have a good time, regardless as to the demons eating away at their frontman.

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  • Paul McCartney in Red Square


    "For the Russian audience, McCartney's appearance in Moscow is little short of a miracle. The Beatles were banned for decades by the Soviet government, which regarded their music as the epitome of Western decadence and propaganda, and the fans' only access to the group was through the occasional photo or black market album. Their reaction to his 2003 visit is a mixture of frenzy and rapture; in interview after interview, what one fan calls the Beatles' "gentle intervention" is credited with helping to bring down the whole Soviet system, simply because they represented a creativity and freedom that had been almost totally silenced. And that's all before McCartney plays "Back in the U.S.S.R.," which inspires a response that simply must be seen and heard to be believed."—Amazon

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  • Jimi Hendrix: Live at Woodstock


    Jimi Hendrix. Woodstock. Words that will forever belong together. Check out an incredible performance by the legendary Jimi Hendrix as he plays renditions of his classics!

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  • Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles

    2008 by Mayer, John

    Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles captures the multi-Grammy® award-winning, platinum-selling singer/songwriter in the element where fans love him the most: live on stage. This special concert includes three sets: an acoustic performance, a rare set with John Mayer Trio (John Mayer, Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino), as well as a set featuring Mayer's full band. Mayer may be known for his pop hits, but he busts out some impressive blues chops in this awesome DVD!

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