To Earth With Good Intentions

By Mike Smoody

Sometimes, when they say "We come in peace," they mean it.

  • Arrival

    2017 by Denis Villeneuve

    World peace could just be a matter of learning to communicate, though it may take an alien species (that look like giant octopuses and who travel lord-knows-how-many light-years) to teach us that.

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  • E.T. : The Extra-Terrestrial

    1982 by Steven Spielberg

    A strange-looking, humble old guy who loves plants and comes from another planet teaches a lonely boy some valuable life lessons.

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  • The Brother from Another Planet

    2012 by John Sayles

    This wonderfully bizarre, sci-fi, cult classic contains an allegory for how community can stage a resistance against racial oppression.

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  • The Day the Earth Stood Still

    2008 by Julian Blaustein

    Before our octopus-like friends arrived to deliver a friendly, yet cryptic message, an extra-terrestrial much more like us in appearance had a well-intentioned, though blunter message to deliver.

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  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    2007 by Steven Spielberg

    Every UFO fanatic's dream come true.

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  • Paul

    2011 by Simon Pegg

    Sci-fi nerds team up with a smart-ass alien on an awesome road trip that turns into a quest to save the galaxy.

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  • Galaxy Quest

    2009 by Dean Parisot

    And once in a while it's the aliens who need our help and in this case almost anyone will do.

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  • Superman, the Movie

    2009 by Richard Donner

    Wow, Clark Kent is an alien! That explains why he uses his super-human strength for the benefit of humanity.

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