Fun Things to Do (October 2020)

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Be the Artist: Egg Carton Mask

Disguise yourself or make a simple DIY Halloween costume! Make a mask using supplies at home.

Easy Halloween Costumes

Want to dress up for Halloween using just the materials you have around the house? Here are a few costume ideas you can try.

Rise & Shine Storytime: Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Ms. Mary shares a colorful story perfect for the time of year when leaves are falling off the trees. She also teaches a perfect song to sing while enjoying the autumn colors. Fletcher and the Falling Leaves is written by Julia Rawlinson, illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke, and copyrighted in 2006 by Harper Collins Books.

Read and Play with Math: Operations

Math skills are essential for kids to be successful in school and life. Number operations are the tools we use to find the answers to questions like, How many more? How many now? Is it fair? Explore operations with your young learner with this activity sheet.

STEAM Engines: Autumn Leaves

Why do leaves change color in fall? Join Ms. Caitlin and Desi for their favorite season as they explore the science behind autumnal changes in this video.

Rise and Shine Storytime: That Pup!

Join Ms. Mary, little pup, and squirrel for a story and silly song about acorns in the fall in our latest storytime video.

Take It, Make It: Paper Dolls

Did you know that the first commercially printed paper dolls were published in 1812 to go with a book so readers could act out the scenes of the story? Make your own paper dolls with this paper dolls template and instructions. If you want a kit of all the supplies you need to make these paper dolls, ask for the Take It, Make It kit at our curbside pickup.

Read and Play with Math: Measurement

Even very young children have a basic understanding of size. Measurement is any process that produces a quantitative description of an attribute, such as length, circumference, weight, temperature, volume, or number. Explore math with fun stories and activities.

STEAM Engines: The Busiest Physicists

Ms. Caitlin and Desi put on their physicist hats to talk about matter, energy, and forces. Explore why things do the things they do using Newton's Laws of Motion and do an experiment with homemade sidewalk paint.

You can also find resources and recommendations from our staff.


Book Chat Chapter 10: Graphic Novels for Every Reader

In this tenth episode of our Book Chat series, where library staff recommend great reads, Jarrett and Caitlin join Allyson and Becca to talk graphic novels for every age.

BOOMbox at Home: Make Rock Candy

Join Michelle to learn how to make rock candy at home! Get the instructions and follow along with a how-to video demonstrating this simple kitchen science project.

BOOMbox at Home: Backyard Glamping Recipes

Glamping in your backyard means not only eating outside, but cooking outside as well. Try these outdoor recipes for your own culinary glamping adventures.

BOOMbox at Home: Bee Watering Station

Bees need water to survive just like any other living creature. Make a bee watering station for your yard to attract and feed bees in your area. They’re a vital part of our ecosystem!


Food Science for the Win: Simple Grilled Cheese

Chillier weather is the perfect backdrop for a favorite comfort food: grilled cheese! In this video, Amy H. walks you through the best way to prepare a simple grilled cheese sandwich, according to science. Check out our previous Food Science for the Win videos, too!

Make Quick Chinese-Style Cucumber Pickles

Molly Higgins provides a primer on making Chinese-style cucumber pickles that are ready to eat in 30 minutes in this video. This recording is from our “Pickles and Cleavers” online event on October 7, 2020.

Food Science for the Win: Simple Grilled Cheese Resource Guide

Explore the science of making a simple grilled cheese sandwich.

BOOMbox at Home: DIY Terracotta Pot Grill

No campfire? No problem. Make autumn s’more-making more accessible by moving the grilling to the tabletop with these instructions for a DIY grill using charcoal and a terracotta pot.

Go Figure--The 2020 Presidential Campaign Trail

Numeracy expert and writer Matt Baron shares tips for separating fact from fiction when it comes to understanding the 2020 presidential election. This video is a recording of our September 10 online Zoom event.

Skokie Staff Suggest: The Digital Public Library of America

Use this video to get started exploring the vast and interesting digital collections available online from libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions through the Digital Public Library of America.