Summer Volunteer Groups

1-on-1 Tech Help

Saturdays, 1–3pm

Provide drop-in technology assistance for library patrons as well as learn to teach short 1-on-1 sessions on a number of introductory technology topics. We provide the tech tools and training to help you get started.

Assistant Librarian

Tuesdays, 3–4pm

Work on projects in the library’s massive collection and help out various areas of library work.

Booking with a Buddy

Select between the timeslots below on Monday or Wednesday.

  • Group 1: 11am-12pm
  • Group 2: 1:30-2:30pm
  • Group 3: 3-4pm
  • Group 4: 4:30-5:30pm
  • Group 5: 6-7pm
  • Group 6: 7:30-8:30pm

Read 1-on-1 with a child in grades 1-3 to improve their reading abilities while school is out.

Community Activist

Thursdays, 3–4pm

Learn what it takes to make a difference in the community. As a group, we will explore local issues and develop projects to help tackle our concerns.

Community Tech Event

Mondays, 3:30–5pm

Assess community needs around technology and help plan workshops for a day-long technology fair. In addition to weekly meetings, participants in this group must also be available Sunday, July 17 to help at the community technology fair.


Tuesdays, 11am–12pm

Get outside and help maintain the library’s garden spaces while learning about how to take care of plants.

Local History

Wednesdays, 10–11am

Utilize the library’s local history resources to uncover amazing facts about Skokie and come up with ways to share your findings with the rest of the community.

Nature Play

Thursdays, 10–11am

Help young children engage with nature using fun, interactive activities.


Thursdays, 5:30–7:30pm

Help create a new library podcast and learn skills ranging from interviewing, audio editing, and product development.


Tuesdays, 2:30–4pm

Help us set up and facilitate and outdoor reading area on the Village Green. Pick out good books for people to enjoy and even get some practicing reading picture books aloud to kids.

Senior Tech Class

Wednesdays, 2–3:30pm

Help out in a technology class for senior citizens. This group will meet at the library, but might potentially walk offsite with a staff member to facilitate the class at a local senior center.

Social Media

Wednesdays, 1–2pm

Help the library explore using new social media channels like Snapchat and Tumblr. This group will create unique content for the web while learning about how organizations use new media. Participants should be familiar with social media and comfortable writing, performing, or filming.


Wednesdays, 3:30–5pm

Contribute to a new website called SkokieWiki, which provides information about all things Skokie. SkokieWiki is an open, collaborative, and community-centric website. Volunteers will be tasked with writing about topics ranging from local history, interesting people and places, activities, and opinions. Aspiring journalists—this is the group for you!

Theater Performance

Fridays, 1:30–3pm

Write scripts, make costumes, and create props for short plays that will be performed around the library during an all-day “Enchanted Library” event for youth and families. In addition to weekly meetings, participants must also be available for the final performances on July 31.