Local history

From its early days as a Potawatami settlement to the culturally diverse suburb it is today, Skokie has a rich and varied history. Explore Skokie’s past using the library’s digital and print collections.

Digital collections

Attempted Nazi March

Find extensive local newspaper coverage and recordings documenting the controversy surrounding the National Socialist Party of America attempts march in Skokie in 1977 and 1978. For video clips, go to the Skokie Archive.

Dr. Louise Klehm Archive

Details the life and work of Skokie's first female doctor. Dr. Klehm graduated from medical school in 1902, interned at Jane Addam's Hull House, studied surgery in Europe, and returned to Skokie to practice medicine. Here are a few ways to start exploring this collection:

Skokie Fire Department History

Explore more than 700 artifacts detailing the history of the village's fire department, including photos of:

Skokie Stories

Listen to audio interviews with Skokie residents that capture some of the history and daily life of our village.

Skokie History Project

The Skokie History Project contains a broad sample of historical materials relating to Skokie including:

Newspapers and obituaries

Skokie Newspaper Obituaries

Search Skokie obituaries from 1960 to the present. Full-text obituaries are available starting with March 2013.

Skokie Newspaper Index

Research local events, people, and organizations in our local newspaper index. To get the articles, come in to the library or contact our Reference librarians.

Resources at the library

Still stumped in your research? We have many local history resources within the library building, including: